* Translation of old French documents

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Translation of old French documents

Post by Valkrider » 08 May 2019 15:11

I am afraid that my schoolboy French from over 50 years ago is not helping with the full translation of these records. I can do a couple of bits but if anyone can help I would be very grateful. There are two images one of Charles Villeneau marrying Esther Sorre on Sunday 26th June? and the second of the baptism of Esther Villeneau on Sunday 10th September 1675?

The two files are hi res scans so too large to attach here so I have put them on my Google photos at https://photos.app.goo.gl/ft94Qwo8M19v8mFj6

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Re: Translation of old French documents

Post by themoudie » 08 May 2019 15:48

Aye Colin,

May I suggest that you give Google Translate a shot? Google Translate

The 'Mariages' document appears more legible to my eyes and I would type it in verbatum and see what appears. It may not be a 'perfect' translation, but I'm sure you will get the jist of the contents.

My regards, Bill

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