* AS 7.4.4 Crash on Census Entry

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AS 7.4.4 Crash on Census Entry

Post by ChrisRead » 03 Aug 2022 11:48

I decided to bite the bullet and do the relatively small number of 1921 census entries I need to add, and had a couple of crashes that I'd not met before when using the 7.2.x version a year ago when doing lots of census entries.

It's difficult to pin down an exact sequence to reproduce it, but both (or maybe three) times it involved the 'Place' and 'Address' fields. I think what I did was to put the place name in (and it auto picked it), then started typing the address in, and went back to the place to copy/append it to the address. What happened was a freeze and then AS closed. This did not occur most times though.

As I wasn't expecting it, I didn't really register what I did, but I have a recall of part of the address being selected, then I went to select the place to copy and this is when it died. I think I was doing something similar the next time it occurred.

Sorry I can't be more definitive, but I'll keep an eye on what I'm doing to see if I can get a reproducible crash. I've tried a few combinations, but not crashed it so far.
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