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Associated Individuals and Witness Roles

Posted: 11 Oct 2020 20:17
by tatewise
Nick, from time to time users enter Associated Individuals via AS and then in FH discover strangely worded facts because FH has no matching Witness Roles, and then post here for advice.
The most common cases are the Birth & Death Informant Roles, but there are several more as documented in the Knowledge Base > Family Historian Birth & Death Informant & Other Witness Roles.

Could AS improve things in one of a number of ways?
These options typically involve the C:\ProgramData\Calico Pie\Family Historian\Fact Types\Standard\Standard.fhf file that holds FH Fact Witness Role definitions.
  1. When an Associated Individual is added, check that Standard.fhf file and warn the user if the Witness Role is undefined.
  2. Automatically add the Fact Witness Role used by AS to that Standard.fhf file if it is undefined.
    That could cater for Witness Roles added by the user for new Associated Individual definitions.
  3. Persuade Calico Pie to include the Witness Roles used by AS in the FH Standard.fhf file by default.

Re: Associated Individuals and Witness Roles

Posted: 12 Oct 2020 14:59
by NickWalker
Thanks Mike. I guess a fourth option would be to just remove the missing witness roles from AS? I think these would be the ones in bold (assuming the KB article is correct)

Birth ~ Informant
Baptism ~ Godparent, Minister, Priest, Rabbi
Marriage ~ Best man, Bridesmaid, Minister, Priest, Rabbi, Witness
Death ~ Informant, Mourner, Minister, Priest, Rabbi, Witness
Burial ~ Mourner, Minister, Priest, Rabbi, Witness, Attender
Cremation ~ Mourner, Minister, Priest, Rabbi, Witness, Attender

I think most of these were added as 'Associated Individuals' in versions of AS before the witness role was available in Family Historian and I didn't necessarily give them a lot of thought at the time.

I think probably it is the 'informant' roles that people would miss. And yes I do understand that births and deaths will be registered later but they are associated with the fact and I'm not sure they necessarily warrant custom facts in their own right.

Re: Associated Individuals and Witness Roles

Posted: 12 Oct 2020 16:01
by tatewise
Yes, it is the Informant roles that cause most problems for users, and I understand the pros & cons around informants.
Ideally, Calico Pie might be persuaded to include them by default?

Yes, removing the other ones not defined in FH is another option.
Some users have commented that many of them are not really applicable.
e.g. Rabbi at a Baptism? Mourners at a Death? Witness at a Burial/Cremation?

What should also be considered is users adding new Associated Individual definitions where the Type is a new Role.
They should be warned that FH must be customised with that new Role, and reiterated in the Help, which currently does not emphasise that requirement nor how to perform the customisation.