* Viewing census transcripts

AS allows faster and more convenient creation of source records for Family Historian.
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Viewing census transcripts

Post by d_c_weber » 05 May 2019 17:34

I would like to use the method 2 for censuses, since I already stared this with UFT and it created sources like:
"census 1900 NY" , that lumped all Federal censuses from any county/city as a sources.
My understanding is that AS stores nothing, is that correct? If I create a census transscript and then close AS and FH, what happens to the transcript?
My ultimate aim is to load a GEDCOM to Rootsweb, and have a clean front end that just lists the birth, marriage, death and burial events on top, and then each has a number citations that go down to the bottom where the sources are.
An example of how it is a mess now is here: https://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi ... ber&id=I17
For example , a snippet of record I17 is below. All the info on censuses is on top like this copied text and I put in talics&underline what I would like to hide or move to the citation below so people don't have to wade thru all the lesser events like census, occupation, resides, etc. And I don't want the quality of the event and change date anywhere to be published to Rootsweb (just a bunch of words nobody wants to read). :
Event: resided 15 Quality: 2 1876 NY, NY, USA
Change Date: 27 MAR 2004
Occupation: shoemaker
Event: census 1880 16 Quality: 0 1880 NY, NY, USA
Note: vol 53, ed 25, sheet 3, line 28
Change Date: 25 MAR 2008
Event: resided 16 Quality: 0 NY, NY, USA
Change Date: 23 JUL 2011

Death: 17 7 Quality: 1 05 MAY 1883 in NY, NY, USA
Note: died by drowning in the East River

So, does anyone have a suggestion for two things? :
A - How to keep the census transcript and have it as a citation once - say as a note attached to the census citation at the bottom of the record of just the "head of household" for that source. [Or if AS stores it separately, that is OK]
B. How do I clean up and get rid of events in a GEDCOM to just show in Rootsweb the bare essentials.

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Re: Viewing census transcripts

Post by tatewise » 05 May 2019 18:59

I hope you have explored the Knowledge Base > Ancestral Sources tutorials.

The first thing to recognise is that AS is just a front-end to FH.
You could do everything AS does entirely in FH, which is why AS saves nothing except that which is sent to FH.
I assume that in Tools > Options > Census settings you have chosen Method 2 (data in citations).
Those Settings allow the transcript to be saved in the Citation local Text From Source field or a shared Note record.
Since a Census record spawns multiple Census Events and Occupation Attributes and possibly Birth Events and Individual Names there will be multiple copies of that Text From Source field, so the shared Note record is more effective.
I presume you are not saving a Media image of the Census record, so that option should be unticked.

AS adds the transcript to every spawned fact. If it did not, then it would be almost impossible to find the members of one household in future Project searches.
It is the above complications of Method 2 that lead to the recommendation to use Method 1 when transcript &/or Media are required.

See Knowledge Base > Exporting a Family Tree with/without Media and especially Knowledge Base > Export to Website Without Sensitive Data where the File > Split Tree Helper Command says how Facts can be deleted, and Export Gedcom File Plugin has a RootsWeb WoldConnect option.
Mike Tate ~ researching the Tate and Scott family history ~ tatewise ancestry

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