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marriage media in FH

Post by grendix » 29 Apr 2019 19:25

I use the marriage editor to enter a (post 1837) marriage. I then add an image (of the certificate). This, correctly, goes to the media file in FH. When I look at the marriage details in FH and click on the media tab there is no entry. Do I always have to manually 'link to an existing file'?

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Re: marriage media in FH

Post by tatewise » 29 Apr 2019 19:42

Have you explored the tutorials in Knowledge Base > Ancestral Sources especially for Marriage Facts?

If you are using the Method 1 'splitters' Source Citation strategy, then Source documents are attached to the Source record Media tab. However, they can also be viewed in the Facts tab via either of the Show Media buttons.

The Media tab of the Individual Property Box is intended for personal photos.

If that Media tab held Source document images it would soon get swamped with BMD Certificates. multiple Census records, plus Wills, etc, etc.
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