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Sources at the end of a book rather than each individual report

Posted: 14 Jan 2022 15:48
by hmwhite
Hi all
I'm fairly new to genealogy and FH so please forgive me if these questions have been asked before.
I have pretty much all my direct ancestors (58 of the 63 to 3 x GG ) noted and a lot of the information stored in files and on findmypast. I decided that I really should invest the time in inputting all the information into software like FH, mainly to produce reports and books to pass on to other family members.
Are there any articles about how to go from the beginning to produce a book containing such a large amount of information? ie which reports work best, how to edit them etc?
I have had a play around with starting a book that is just about my grandfather, simply as a way of exploring how to do it. However when I included more than one report about him, say his individual report and then his ancestors report, almost all of the information and narrative was repeated on each document, and even worse each source record cited in each chapter was listed as a picture, so you could potentially have the same picture appearing several times. For example a census where 5 of my direct ancestors (from 3 generations) were living together would show at the end of each of their chapters if I chose to include an individual report on each of them. However I would like to include the picture once, just not 5 times!
Is there a way of including all the sources for the whole book at the end of the book rather than at the end of each chapter?
I supposed what I'm looking for is guidance to where someone shows how to pull together a book for a large family with lots of sources (I'm a method 1 not 2 source user) and how best to show all that information well but succinctly.
Any help and input gratefully received.

Re: Sources at the end of a book rather than each individual report

Posted: 14 Jan 2022 16:15
by tatewise
Welcome to the FHUG.

I don't think there is much advice on compiling a Book beyond what is available in the FH Help pages.
Have you seen the example Book in the Family Historian Sample Project?

The way to avoid the Sources problem is to focus on one type of Report.
If you include multiple reports for the same person that inevitably leads to much repetition of both Facts and Sources.
So focus on one of the multiple generation reports:
Publish > Narrative Reports > Ancestors/Descendants by Generation for a narrative style report.
Publish > Outline Reports > Ancestor/Descendant Outline for a list style report (similar to Individual Summary Report)
Then there is only one Sources section at the end of the report.

Also, be aware that there are a great many Report Options to customise the output.
The Sources tab allows Source Citations or just the images to be excluded.
So assuming one master report has all the Sources, any supplementary reports can omit them completely.

It is advisable to design the report options working on one report type at a time and save the settings before combining them together into a book perhaps with family tree diagrams.

Re: Sources at the end of a book rather than each individual report

Posted: 14 Jan 2022 21:44
by hmwhite
Thanks Mike for your reply, that's really helpful.
I did have a quick look at the sample project book, but I'll go and have a look again.

That's helpful advice about focussing on one report and concentrating on that rather than trying to get different types of report for each person.

I'll keep having a play with what can be done. It looks like this might be a longer term project than I thought! ;)