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Old and new place-name links

Post by Peter1Dodd » 17 Nov 2021 18:32

Looking for something that could link and display the new/old names of places that have changed their names, given that half the places in Southern Africa have changed their names since 1980. ie a search for "Salisbury, Rhodesia" would also display "Harare, Zimbabwe" and narratives would display " ... moved to Salisbury, Rhodesia (Now Harare, Zimbabwe)" Etc. Happy to fill in the new/ old names ;)

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Re: Old and new place-name links

Post by tatewise » 17 Nov 2021 18:33

Welcome to your first FHUG posting Peter.

Sorry, but I have split your posting away from Plugins planned/in progress (19399) and New Wish List Requests and moved it to the FH General Usage forum because what you request is already a feature of FH Place records, and has been since they were introduced in FH v6.

A Place record for Salisbury, Rhodesia can also have a Standardized place name of Harare, Zimbabwe.
That feature is provided because innumerable places have changed their name over time.

So a simple list of Place records in the Records Window will show both old and new place names.

It should also be possible to adjust the narrative Sentence Templates to mention both old and new names.

Also, see FHUG Knowledge Base advice Working with Places and Addresses.

When you have digested that, we can explain how to alter your Sentence Templates by adding:
{=CombineText(" (now ",%FACT.PLAC>STAN%,")",)}
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