* adopted children of multiple partnerships

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adopted children of multiple partnerships

Post by santatraugott » 20 Jul 2021 21:33

I have a situation in which the wife of a couple died, and when the husband remarrried, he adopted his second wife's sons from her first marriage. He gave them his name, so after their mother's marriage, they were always known by their adopted father's surname. The fact that they were adopted was not widely known in the family, apparently. All references to them in obituaries, weddings, etc., treat them as full brothers of the children of the first marriage.

The advice on dealing with multiple partnerships suggests entering these children under their natural parents. I could use "AKA" their adopted surname, and a detailed note. And that makes sense to me, because those ARE the natural parents.

And yet, leaving it that way feels somehow to not give enough weight to their place in their adoptive family.

Is there a way to link them to their adoptive father, besides the AKA, ans/or a more detailed note?

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Re: adopted children of multiple partnerships

Post by tatewise » 21 Jul 2021 09:29

Yes, see Recording Children for Multiple Partnerships and Recording Children with Foster/Adoptive Parents.
FH allows children to have as many parents as you like, and identify which are birth and which are adoptive, step, etc.
There is also the standard Adoption event.

If the above advice does not solve your scenario then please ask again.
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