* FH7 : Using Evidence Explained Style

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Re: FH7 : Using Evidence Explained Style

Post by ColeValleyGirl » 04 May 2021 06:50


If you're willing to do a minor edit to the DEA:
  • Tools > Plugins (on the main menu) to open the Plugins dialog.
  • More>> to reveal an additonal set of actions.
  • Single click on the DEA in the list on the left, and then click the Edit... button on the right
  • The 4th line down will say @Subtype: followed by one or two template names e.g. @Subtype: "Civil Registration Certificate", "Church Register"
  • Add your custom template name to the end of this list, separated by a comma from the previous one and enclosed in double quotes
  • At the top of the editor window, choose File > Save As and give your modified DEA a new name (this will prevent it from being overwritten by a new version of the original DEA if you forget and upgrade it.
  • Close the editor window.
Your modified DEA should now work with your modified template. Note: this only works because the fields in both the original and cloned template are the same, so the DEA can find the data it looks for.

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Re: FH7 : Using Evidence Explained Style

Post by Ruth » 04 May 2021 11:29

Thank you. That worked. I appreciate your help.

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