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Ancestor/Descendant/Pedigree Charts

Posted: 09 Oct 2020 11:39
by Mark183
Hi, new user. Cannot find a resolution anywhere in the FAQs, manual, forum or elsewhere.

Can you please advise is it possible to show 'Age at time of event' in all the individual's boxes in the Ancestor/Descendants/Pedigree charts? I know I can view them in Facts but want to be able to print out some charts with ages as well as event dates.
Thank you.

Re: Ancestor/Descendant/Pedigree Charts

Posted: 09 Oct 2020 12:36
by tatewise
Welcome to the FHUG Mark.

First of all it is possible to add the Age to any fact in the Facts tab and include that in any Diagrams.
If it is a relatively few such facts that need displaying then that that might be the easiest solution.

Then with the Diagram open you will need to select a different Text Scheme.
Use Diagram > Options and open the Text tab, where there are several standard Text Schemes listed that include ages in their name. Select one of those and click OK, then any fact with an explicit Age will get that included.

To add a calculated Age at Event to every fact takes a bit more customisation of a Text Scheme.
So having selected a Text Scheme close to what you want click the Clone... button to make a custom copy.

Now Edit... that copy and select any fact in the Used Items pane on the right.

Click Edit at the bottom to allow you to change the Template expression.

On the right of the Template box click << Insert to open the Data Reference Assistant.
Click on [+] next to Individual and then [+] next to Events (or Attributes) and locate the fact you are working on.
Click its [+] and then the [+] next to Date and select :AGE_AT then click Insert to add to Template.

In the Template expression you will need to add aged just before the %INDI.***[1].DATE:AGE_AT% reference.
Click Test to check the format is valid, then click OK several times to see the effect in the Diagram boxes.

You must repeat that for each fact you wish to add Age at Event.

There are Help buttons in each dialogue that provide further advice.

You can select the same custom Text Scheme for any type of Diagram or Chart.

There are a few other tweaks that may be necessary, but see how you get on with the above.

Re: Ancestor/Descendant/Pedigree Charts

Posted: 10 Oct 2020 05:56
by Mark183
Mike, thank you for your extensive response. It is appreciated.
Hooley-dooley though, that's a heck of a way for an old bloke like me to to go about getting an age next to death dates in a chart box. Surely with this 'best-of' programme, there's got to be a simple way of ticking a box somewhere that i can't see that would do this simple job. Oh well.

Re: Ancestor/Descendant/Pedigree Charts

Posted: 10 Oct 2020 09:07
by tatewise
Sorry, there is no simple tick box for that particular option.
Part of the problem is that without an accurate Date of Birth no 'age at event' can be calculated anyway.
Also, each fact needs an accurate Date defined to perform that calculation.

If it is primarily 'age at death' you need then for each Death event fill in the Age box on the Facts tab and choose a Text Scheme that includes ages in its name. That will work even when there is no Date of Birth recorded. That was my first option and maybe you overlooked that.

Re: Ancestor/Descendant/Pedigree Charts

Posted: 13 Oct 2020 02:13
by Mark183
Thanks again for your response Mike.
Appreciate you taking the time.