* Family tree CD for use on MacBook Air?

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Family tree CD for use on MacBook Air?

Post by maxwelledgar » 23 Mar 2020 14:44

I have prepared a family tree CD and transferred the results onto USB memory sticks for distribution to family members who have Windows PCs and laptops. They are all impressed with the results. Not being familiar with Apple products I have a couple of questions. Can the same thing be done for use on a MacBook Air without having to modify the machine at all? Would I need a special type of memory stick? Many thanks.

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Re: Family tree CD for use on MacBook Air?

Post by tatewise » 23 Mar 2020 15:15

See https://www.anysoftwaretools.com/format ... atibility/.

As long as the Mac only needs to read the USB stick then any Windows format should work (NTFS, exFAT, FAT32).
If the Mac also needs to write to the USB stick then use exFAT format.

I believe that physically & electronically any USB stick should be compatible.

So you should be able to send exactly the same USB stick CD family tree to any Mac user.
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Re: Family tree CD for use on MacBook Air?

Post by mjashby » 23 Mar 2020 19:26

The only qualifying info. I would add is that, if the MacBook Air is a recent purchase, i.e. since 2018, then it is unlikely to have any USB 1/2/3 Ports, only USB C. However, this should not really be a significant problem, as the vast majority of Mac Users with newer hardware will probably have purchased USB C to USB 3 adapters so that they can continue to connect older hardware.


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