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Re: Add Historical details to narrative report

Post by arishmell » 01 May 2021 17:26

Sorry Mike, I think I was misunderstanding something here. I can create a Dummy Individual against which I can create any number of custom fact Historical Events, each of which has a Citation and Source against it, am I right? These Historical Facts would be arranged in date order, as would the Source Citations if appropriately named. As I've never used Fact Witnesses before, I didn't grasp that I could select that fact in the Dummy Individual's timeline and add any number of witnesses to it at any time. I have already discovered that if I delete the Historical Fact in any individual timeline (rather than through the Dummy Individual), it deletes the whole thing, which is just asking for trouble where I am concerned.

On the other hand, if I simply use my custom Historical Event attribute for an individual, I create Citation and Source named so that it is arranged by Year and Event on the Source Tab. I can then add Historical Event facts to any individual, perhaps on a Named list or through a query, by selecting an existing Source. I don't anticipate adding vast numbers at this point; I'm still building the local database to be augmented by national and world events. But I am a bear of little brain so this is a work in progress.

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Re: Add Historical details to narrative report

Post by tatewise » 01 May 2021 18:35

I wasn't expecting the Historical Facts would need Source Citations but you can if you want.

The Fact Witnesses have a big blue arrow on the left, so that should warn you not to Delete.
You also have to click X Delete and confirm the popup message.

I don't understand your process of adding Historical Facts directly to Individual records.
You don't explain where the fact details of Date, Place, and Notes are entered.
How is a Named List or a Query involved?
Selecting a Source does not add a fact.
I am wondering if you have actually worked through that process with actual data.
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