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Griffiths Valuation

Post by AndyC » 03 Feb 2020 12:22

How do people record the Griffiths Valuation information within Family Historian? I'm looking for a few ideas.

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Re: Griffiths Valuation

Post by LornaCraig » 03 Feb 2020 13:43

I create a source for the page from the valuation and attach the image to the source. Then create a residence fact for the individual, citing the source. The fact note contains any further information, such as the type of property (e.g. 'house, office and land', 'house and garden') and the names of neighbours who might have been relatives.

As the valuation lists only the heads of household it can be difficult to know who's who unless you already know, from some other source, where they lived. So I also add a note of why I think this record probably relates to a particular person.

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Re: Griffiths Valuation

Post by AdrianBruce » 03 Feb 2020 15:14

Residence fact for the listed Occupier.

If you have someone who is listed as a Lessor (the example I have refers to an Immediate Lessor, i.e. the one who leases to the occupier, because there might be several levels) then I'd record that in a Possessions attribute, where the value is something like "House and Land" and the place is where the house and land are.

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