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Gedcom file confusion

Posted: 08 Jan 2020 21:07
by Paulamoulton
Whilst I was researching in the knowledge base re adding individuals' photos from albums to my project, I noticed that a certain format is recommended for the file structure where my project files are kept. It seems to me that my structure is wrong because I cannot see the gedcom file which is supposed to be at the top of the folder structure.

The file location address for the media that I have been adding using the Ancestral Sources plug-in reads as follows: C:\Users\Paula\Documents\Family Historian Projects\John R. Piper Family Project\John R. Piper Family Project.fh_data\Media\......and then 6 folders containing downloaded images of proofs, registrations, etc., of births, marriages, deaths, census, military, and other.

But every time I back up my work it goes to my F drive as a zipped backup. The F drive is where I keep everything on a normal hard drive as opposed to the C drive which is a solid state drive reserved for Windows, progs, system files, etc.

Now before I go any further I think I need to check whether my structure is alright, or not.
I haven't really been paying much attention to the actual structure, as it seems to be working fine, except that I have kept an exact copy of the media files on the C drive in the same structure organisation on my F drive, and I run a program frequently to check that the two locations contain binary identical data.

Also, I am hoping to put everything onto John's computer which has FH6 installed.

Do you think that I need to alter anything before proceeding to add photographs into the project?
Thank you in advance.

Re: Gedcom file confusion

Posted: 09 Jan 2020 09:34
by tatewise
Paula, if FH is listing your John R. Piper Family Project in the File > Project Window and the features are all working OK, then there is nothing wrong with your folder structure.

It would have been useful if you had identified the Knowledge Base advice you mention, but I suspect it is talking about ensuring the GEDCOM file is at the same folder level as the Media folder when importing to create a Project.
Projects maintain that same rule and you will find your GEDCOM file at C:\Users\Paula\Documents\Family Historian Projects\John R. Piper Family Project\John R. Piper Family Project.fh_data\John R. Piper Family Project.ged alongside the Media folder.

Despite what you say about your use of the C drive and F drive, all your FH Project data is on the C drive, not F.
Your C:\Users\Paula\Documents\ default folder is on the C drive. So what else is in that Documents folder?
It is easy to move your FH Projects from the C drive to the F drive and we can explain how if you wish.

Re: Gedcom file confusion

Posted: 09 Jan 2020 13:47
by Paulamoulton
Thanks for the quick reply, Mike, and sorry for my late response but I've been in town shopping this morning.

I have been very stupid. The file is there, but I was looking for a folder, and please don't ask me why....
As for the location of the advice that I discovered, it is at:
Knowledge Base > Organise Your Files

The issue regarding the hard drive locations arose because when I acquired my new PC it had a solid state C drive with limited capacity (222GB) which was being used as the default location for all of the windows system data, as would be expected, while the hard drive F was a massive 2TB. So I have been making sure that everything goes to the F drive that can. Obviously, I know that the FH6 Project files are kept in the Documents folder on the C drive, and I certainly don't want to fiddle with that.

But if ever I need a new PC or a new C drive, I have made sure that I don't lose any of my downloaded media files (birth, death, marriage registrations, census image copies, gravestone image copies, etc.) by making a copy of the Media folder and its contents by double entering each one as I go along. Your AS program takes the file from my F drive where it has been downloaded into family named folders, and after entry into the Project I then move the file from the family named folder into a structure at F:/Main Docs/ John Family History/AA Entered Media FH6 inside which is the Media folder and its sub folders. Thus I know at any time which media has been downloaded, and which has been entered into the project. This is useful because I can make back-up copies in many places and I can control easily which files I have decided to enter into the project and which remain dormant in case they are ever required.

I have noticed, however, that at some time in the past I set FH6 to put the full project backups on the F drive and I accidentally set it at a wrong location (in another family history folder) which is why I couldn't find them before.

Not to worry, I have now managed to understand the way it all works, and why the comment was made in the fhug article.

Many thanks once again, Mike.

Re: Gedcom file confusion

Posted: 09 Jan 2020 14:04
by tatewise
It is VERY easy to move the FH Projects onto your F drive.

First use Windows File Explorer to simply move the C:\Users\Paula\Documents\Family Historian Projects folder into your F:\Main Docs\ folder so you end up with F:\Main Docs\Family Historian Projects\... etc.

Then in FH in the File > Project Window in Location: left-click My Documents\Family Historian Projects and select Choose Location and browse to F:\Main Docs\Family Historian Projects before clicking OK.

ProjectWindowLocation.png (32.35 KiB) Viewed 1413 times

Re: Gedcom file confusion

Posted: 09 Jan 2020 14:15
by Paulamoulton
Thanks, Mike, I'll look into that this afternoon after I've got through my other chores.


Re: Gedcom file confusion

Posted: 09 Jan 2020 19:09
by Paulamoulton
Thanks, Mike, it seems to work OK....

I wonder if you know how I can load an old version of Family Historian saved as a back-up some months ago, without FH6 loading all the recent stuff. I need to do this in order to check whether certain files existed in the project at that time.
Is this possible?
The back-ups are stored in F:/Main Docs/John Family History/Family Historian Backups and each one has a name such as: FH Project Backup - John R. Piper Project - 2019-11-16 or similar depending on the date it was saved.
I seem to be encountering problems trying to load one of these so that I can see what my project contained back then.


Re: Gedcom file confusion

Posted: 09 Jan 2020 19:57
by tatewise
Yes, in FH use File > Backup/Restore > Restore Backup and choose the ZIP file you want to check.
That will create a new Project alongside your main Project with the name John R. Piper Project.

Interestingly that example you gave does not include the word Family as your John R. Piper Family Project does.
Have you renamed your Project in the meantime?

However, if the Backup does have the same Project name as your main Project, then the restored Project would gain the suffix (2) to keep it distinct.

When you've done the check and copied the file, etc, you can use File > Project Window > More Tasks > Delete Project.

Having said all that, if you simply want to check for the presence of a file or two you can do that in Windows File Explorer.
Simply navigate to the Backup ZIP folder and open it just like any other folder and check for the files.

Re: Gedcom file confusion

Posted: 10 Jan 2020 15:00
by Paulamoulton
Many thanks once again, Mike, your explanation solves it all. The missing "Family" was just me typing the name wrongly in the post. Once again, you have solved the problem, clearly and concisely.
I'm sorry to be such a pain asking what proves to be the obvious but I simply haven't had the time to really delve into the whole way that this remarkable software works. I'm learning quite a lot by making mistakes, unfortunately.
I have now discovered that I will have to go over every single individual and delete Occupation facts because I was too dozy to notice that Ancestral Sources was auto-entering occupations into an individual's new entries. Consequently, I have absolutely dozens if not hundreds, I suspect, of scholars aged over 40, and hard working tradesmen aged over 80, and so on. Whilst trying to correct this I found instances of occupations with no source, simply because I did not enter the source record, and so on. So instead of getting to the end of the project (thankfully only 730 individuals due to restrictions imposed by John), I am now going to have to go over the whole lot again. Oh, happy day!!


Re: Gedcom file confusion

Posted: 10 Jan 2020 15:33
by tatewise
I am not sure if this will help but try and see if by using a Query you can weed out those Occupations more quickly.

Download the All Facts Filter by Label from Knowledge Base > Query:Fact ~ All Facts Filter by Date, Label, or Text.

Then use View > Custom Queries > All Facts Filter by Label and set the Label to Occupation.
That will list all your Occupation facts.

Click on the Rec Id column header to sort into record order to group each Individual Record Owner together.
Now review the entries and double-click on any Occupation label to open it in the Property Box.
Then you can choose to edit or delete any Occupation as necessary.

When you have done enough for one session, just note the Rec Id reached and start from there next time.

That may be a quicker method than working through individuals in your tree.

Re: Gedcom file confusion

Posted: 10 Jan 2020 15:47
by Paulamoulton
Thanks Mike, Ill give that a try.