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Gary Carson
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Media Records - Changing Type

Post by Gary Carson » 28 Nov 2019 16:34

For multiple media records I want to change "Type" based on "Keywords".
For example I have a group of media records with Keyword "Obituary". The current Media Record - Type is currently "Picture" which I want to change to "Obit".

I" have a number of Keyword groups to make similar changes. This changes are for purposes of importing into TNG.

Any Help is appreciated.
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Re: Media Records - Changing Type

Post by tatewise » 28 Nov 2019 17:07

Hi Gary, I've moved this to the FH General Usage Forum where it belongs.

Unfortunately, there is no actual Type field in Media Records so you cannot change it.
That column in the Records Window is derived automatically from the Format field and the file-type of the file in the File link field. The algorithm is a bit convoluted, but essentially image files (jpg, png, gif, tif) are a Picture and almost everything else is a Document, but it can sometimes be Other Media (...). The status is calculated by the =MediaType() function, whose algorithm is hidden, and I have reported its odd behaviour.

So you could have an Obituary image jpg that is a Picture and an Obituary PDF that is a Document.

The Type value does not export in the GEDCOM file, so cannot impact TNG.
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