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Images of Residences

Posted: 07 Sep 2019 22:47
by Baboon281
Back on 15 Dec 2016 at 19:12 hours I asked the question

"Is it possible to add an image to a repository. EG I have repository for a Church and wish to add an image of the church"?
I received a number of replies that are of some assistance. I have been steadily working on my tree and now would like to add images of residences in to my FH programme. How do people include their images so as to get the best outcome when printing reports/ reviewing their work.

Having a quick play before I start uploading pictures in earnest I can see an option of adding a media item within a town under the PLACE TAB of the records window. Is this the best / simplest way of adding an image or is there a better way. I have attached a word document hopefully showing what I am trying to explain.


Re: Images of Residences

Posted: 08 Sep 2019 00:34
by BobWard
I keep my workflow pretty simple. When I want to add a photo of a particular location, residence, school, church, cemetery, etc., I just add a Source record for the Fact that references such a location, and then attach a media file to that Source record.

As an example, I have a attached a segment of the Property Box for my profile. This includes a Fact for my residence in 1946. The attached image shows that I also created a Source record for this specific residence Fact. I then attached a media file to this Source record that shows a picture of the house at this address. I have also added a "snip" of how this image looks when output to the ISR report format. This is the picture of the house in the media file that I attached to the Source record.

You can also add images to PLACE records, as you allude to.

Depending on the report format that you use, you will most likely get different results on how satisfactorily your media file images display in the report output. I use the ISR format exclusively.
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Re: Images of Residences

Posted: 08 Sep 2019 10:31
by tatewise
You cannot add Media images to a Repository.

You can add Media images to Source records as suggested by Bob.
They appear in Reports in the Sources section along with images of Documents.

You can also add Media images to Place records.
They appear in Reports alongside the Facts (only one copy per Report).
BUT Place names are often not detailed enough to identify one building.
So if there are Media images for several buildings in the same Place then all of them will be attached to one Place record and that gets complicated in Reports (I can explain in more detail if necessary).
Your Word doc example is a good illustration. What if there were other images for Ashton-in-Makerfield?

Re: Images of Residences

Posted: 08 Sep 2019 10:45
by AdrianBruce
If I want to add an image of a residence (or church or...), I simply add it as a media item to the Fact in question. Then it appears in my printed reports, which are (normally) narrative reports. You need to look at any printed report to see how the images get printed - I think that narrative reports could be said to have their limitations because the designed intention is that each image appears once and once only in a section(?) of a report. No doubt others will correct me...

Adding an image / media item to a place record didn't work for me because my places are all towns and villages or larger, not individual addresses such as a house, church or cemetery.

I have difficulty in remembering the precise issues with other methods - I don't seem to have written down the pros and cons of the discarded options, though I have a feeling that somewhere in this user Group, there is at least one thread on the topic.

Re: Images of Residences

Posted: 08 Sep 2019 11:29
by LornaCraig
As others have said, much depends on the type of report you favour.

If several family members lived at the same address, either simultaneously or at different times, you might want to have a photo of the house linked in some way to each of them. This is fine for Individual reports, and if the photos are linked directly to the residence facts they will appear in the body of the report. (On the Picture tab of the Report Options you will nedd to include 'Other' picture types). But if you also want to use a report which contains multiple people, in other words anything other than an Individual Narrative or Individual Summary report, you won't want the picture(s) to be repeated within the same report.

I use a method similar to Bob's, creating a Source record for the house/school/church. But if I have several photos of the same building I attach them to the same Source, and I use the Note field of the Source record to record any interesting information, such as the date of construction or how long it was owned by the same family. I cite the same Source record against the residence facts for anyone who lived there. The Source record will appear just once at the end of the report, avoiding repetition.

Re: Images of Residences

Posted: 08 Sep 2019 11:51
by tatewise
Yes, adding Media to Facts via the Show Media button is another option.

Which is the better option depends primarily on how you want the images to appear in Reports.

Media images attached to Facts (or Places) appear once (per person) in the Report near the first Fact that has the image.
Any other Factsfor that person with the same image have no indication that they have that image attached.
(This applies per person, whether By Generation or multiple Records in say an ISR.)
The Report > Options > Pictures tab governs Other: Max Pics to display, and whether Facts &/or Places attached 'Other' Picture Types are included.

Media images attached to Source records appear in Reports, but later in the Sources section per record or per report.
Every Fact that cites that Source has a superscript cross-reference to the Sources entry.
The Report > Options > Sources tab governs how many pictures to display.
However, the Source Pictures settings equally govern Document images attached to Source records.

A variant of that method is to attach Media images to each Citation via the Show Media button instead.
Then the Report > Options > Sources tab settings for Source Citation Pictures governs them independently from Media attached to the Source records.

Re: Images of Residences

Posted: 09 Sep 2019 15:22
by Baboon281
Thanks to everyone for the replies. I think I will keep it simple and create a source record then and that to a residence fact

Re: Images of Residences

Posted: 09 Sep 2019 20:40
by tatewise
The thing to check is how you want your Reports to present Media images of all kinds ~ Source Documents, Buildings, People, etc.