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Adoption entries

Posted: 08 Aug 2019 17:43
by MarionWoolgar
I have three cases of adoption and in each case the event occurred post-1926. In all these cases, the adoption took place within the close family of the child concerned. I have located the advice in Knowledge Base > Recording Children with Foster/Adoptive Parents=adoption and following this presents no problem with the first case because the child's Christian name and Surname were unchanged during the adoption process.

However, in the other two cases, the Christian names and surnames of both children did change during the adoption. If I follow the advice provided, the birth names of the child are retained and then when they marry, the entries in Family Historian v6 look really odd because the marriage takes place in their new, legal, adoptive names.

For example, if the child was male and his birth name was John Smith and his adoptive name was Andrew Brown, he would be married using his legal name of Andrew Brown. His FHv6 record would be in the surname of Smith, but his children would be entered with a surname of Brown, as per their birth/baptism records.

Can anyone suggest a way around this, please?

Marion Woolgar
Bognor Regis, West Sussex

Re: Adoption entries

Posted: 08 Aug 2019 21:11
by tatewise
That type of scenario where the birth name does not match legal documents crops up in many situations.
One of the most common is where a woman marries several times, so on the second and subsequent marriage certificates, her surname is that of her previous husband and not her birth surname.
Rarer cases apply where people change their name by deed poll, or adoption, etc.
See Knowledge Base > How to Handle People With Multiple Names.
By using the Alternate Name fields, both the Primary Birth Name and any Alternate AKA Names, such as the adoptive name in your cases, can appear in Diagrams and Reports, as well as the Property Box.

Re: Adoption entries

Posted: 08 Aug 2019 21:40
by AdrianBruce
I think this is one occasion where there is a strong argument for the Primary Name to be the adopted name and the first Alternate Name to be the birth name. I'm assuming that there are only one or two events / attributes before the adoption - if so, then the great majority of events and attributes will align with the Primary Name and it's only the birth event (I presume) that isn't in the Primary Name - you can add notes to explain that.

I think that this is covered in the Knowledge Base article.

Unfortunately I can't see how to add a type (e.g. "Birth name" or "Stage name") nor a Date - the latter is basically down to the original GEDCOM having multiple names but not dates for those names - even now FamilySearch seem blind to the need for a date to be entered against different names.

Re: Adoption entries

Posted: 08 Aug 2019 22:06
by tatewise
Yes, the Knowledge Base _ advice mentions the Birth Name technique, and also the Make Primary button to swap any chosen Alternate Name with the Primary Name.

The GEDCOM spec does not offer many Name features, but via the All tab you can add a Note and any Source Citation added to a Name will appear in the yellow Source Citations pane that offers an Entry Date and Notes, etc...
That is why the Knowledge Base > Customise Property Box advice is so useful, as it provides a Name (2) box you can select that displays any Source Citation details.

In addition, a fact can be added with details of the Name, Date, Age, Place, Note, etc.
The standard Adoption event could be enhanced to include the Name: as an optional Note labelled meta-field as explained in Knowledge Base > Custom Fact Fields.
The standard Title attribute could be customised in various ways similar to those explained in Knowledge Base > Recording Civil Partnerships to customise the Marriage event.
The Extended Set has a Known As attribute fact and there is the Knowledge Base > Fact Set ~ Name Changes.
Finally, you could create your own custom attribute fact to record the name change.

You may need to experiment with the above features and the types of Diagram and Report you prefer until you get the desired effect.

Re: Adoption entries

Posted: 11 Aug 2019 08:22
by MarionWoolgar
My thanks to Mike and Adrian for their very helpful comments.

I quite take the point that women change their surname on marriage and that means that their offspring are in the father's surname. that is expected and looks normal on a Chart. Therefore, if the adopted child is female, then their subsequent children will be expected to show their father's surname and the Chart looks quite normal. My problem concerns two male children who were adopted and that is where the problem arises.

I have already used the Alternate Name fields to make sure that the Birth names and adoptive names are entered. However, I haven't yet found a way in either the Alternate Name box nor in the Tools, Preferences, Diagrams box to show both the birth names and adoptive names on a Chart. Could you explain where this facility is to be found, please?

I have already used the Adoption Event to record the date of the adoption and I have also linked the child to both his birth and adoptive parents, but I haven't yet had time to follow Mike's advice on customising the Property Box.
Marion Woolgar

Re: Adoption entries

Posted: 11 Aug 2019 09:02
by tatewise
In the Diagram > Options > Text tab most standard Text Schemes show Alternate Names as a.k.a. names.
e.g. Any of the Birth, Marr, Death ... schemes or Name, Dates ... schemes.
If you use Edit Text Scheme the standard Item is Name (a.k.a) Data.
There is also an Adoption Event you can add.

Re: Adoption entries

Posted: 16 Aug 2019 07:26
by MarionWoolgar
Thanks Mike, I have been able to find the facility now. I'm sorry that I haven't acknowledged your post before, but this is the first time I've been able to log into FHUG all week.
Marion Woolgar