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Face image pixelation

Posted: 10 Jul 2019 23:06
by JKW
I am working with a 5.8 MB (sic) image file and derived face image is pixelated. I can resize the file but I would like to know the optimum image file size for use with Family Historian.

Re: Face image pixelation

Posted: 11 Jul 2019 02:19
by BobWard
Someone else will most likely provide a more exact answer to your question on optimum image file size.

Are you working with a jpeg file format? I have jpeg files in my FH Media folder that are as large as 21 MB. Files that large do not seem to cause any issues with FH at all. I have no pixelation issues at that size in FH. So, jpeg file size does not seem to be a limiting issue with FH, assuming that is part of your question.

Also, have you experimented with the picture height & width options that you can adjust under the Report Options menu. What height & width options are you using that create pixelation on a 5.8 MB file?

Regarding pixelation. Forgive me if the following comments are something you are well acquainted with, i.e., I do not know your level of experience with photo editing. If you are seeing pixelation on a 5.8 MB file, then that file size must be associated with large height/width dimensions of the original image. If that is the case, resizing (and resampling) to a smaller image dimension (as you suggest) will obviously crunch those pixels into a smaller space and may eliminate some of the pixelation. So, save your original image, make a copy and do some experimenting with decreasing the image size. When you do the re-sizing/resampling, be sure to keep your pixel resolution up there (probably 200 ppi or greater). I am sure that you are aware that the higher ppi settings can really start to balloon the file size, so some experimenting is warranted.

I assume you are using Photoshop, or something similar to do the resizing? If so, you could also experiment with the Sharpen and Unsharp Mask tools to see how successful they might be in reducing some of the pixelation.

Re: Face image pixelation

Posted: 11 Jul 2019 08:08
by tatewise
As Bob says, I don't think there is an optimum image file size, because images are handled by FH in much the same way as any other Windows image tools.

Regarding pixelation, it would help to know how you 'derived face image' from the image file.
Did you use an image editor such as Photoshop or Irfanview to cut the face out of the image and save it as a new image?
Did you use the FH feature to Link to Face using a frame overlayed on original image?

Is the face a tiny proportion of the original image?
Regardless of the size of any original image, if a derived face is small enough it will always become more and more pixelated as it approaches the dpi resolution of the original.
So, what are the height & width dimensions of the original and what is its dpi resolution.
What are the height & width dimensions of the derived face?