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Finding linked sources

Posted: 10 Jul 2019 08:24
by SpencerDudeUK
I created a burial record picture, and discovered I already had it in my collection. When I go to the FH software, it's there as a picture, and I've created a source from it - all good so far. However, I can't see how to view what that source is linked to - and as has been proven before in this forum - that could just be me being thick :D
Is there a way to somehow display all the records/id's that a picture or source is actually linked to? Obviously in this case, the picture shows the link to the source, but the source gives me no information as to what it's linked to. The person concerned doesn't have a burial record connected to her, so now I'm stuck...hopefully, someone clever has written a query to cover this.

Re: Finding linked sources

Posted: 10 Jul 2019 08:37
by ColeValleyGirl
For a media record, open the property box for that media record and open the tab Links.

For a source or media record, select the source in the relevant records list and then in the menu, choose View Record Links.

Probably the best way of all is to use the plugin: Where Used Records Links.

Re: Finding linked sources

Posted: 10 Jul 2019 08:50
by SpencerDudeUK
Superb response, as always. Thanks ColeValleyGirl. Still learning this software, and as usual, there is an answer. The View->Record Links showed that I had it linked to a different person. I will download the plug-in though, to see if it's useful to me. Thanks again :D

Re: Finding linked sources

Posted: 10 Jul 2019 09:15
by tatewise
For a comprehensive answer see Knowledge Base > Finding where Records are used.