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sentence templates in fact tab

Post by picajb » 12 May 2019 11:43


While I can amend a specific sentence format in the fact area, I appear to have sentence for the address of an individual that reads as...

"He experienced address in year", which looks odd.

I want it to say "He lived in address in year".

How do I amend the core template code, rather than doing it a 1000+ times individually?

Many thanks

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Re: sentence templates in fact tab

Post by ColeValleyGirl » 12 May 2019 12:06

Tools > Fact Types, pick the fact you want and then edit the sentence template.

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Re: sentence templates in fact tab

Post by LornaCraig » 12 May 2019 12:13

To edit any sentence template globally, use Tools > Fact Types. Select the fact in question, then click Edit on the right. You can then adjust the sentence template as required.

This will depend on how you arrange your places and addresses. If you don't use the place field but enter the entire address in the address field something like {individual} lived {address} {date} will do. If you use a combination of place and address field you may need something like {individual} lived <at {address}> {place} {date}.

By the way there is a standard Residence event which you could use, although you might still want to edit the sentence template because the default template includes only the place field, not the address.

If you want to change all your custom 'Address' facts to standard Residence facts there is a plugin which can do that.

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Re: sentence templates in fact tab

Post by tatewise » 12 May 2019 12:31

See Knowledge Base > Narrative Report Fact Sentence Templates for details, including how to define custom facts by first ticking Show Hidden.

That the sentence says "He experienced address in year" suggests there may well be no Tools > Fact Types definition.

The Change Any Fact Tag Plugin will change your custom Address facts into a standard Residence facts.
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