*Single Image Linked to 2 people in a report

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Single Image Linked to 2 people in a report

Post by LizJ » 09 May 2019 20:26

Trying to follow the instructions in Simon's book "Getting the most from Family Historian 6"chapter 5, pictures and media part 2. I have linked a photo of a church to two people with separate captions for each. Although in the individual's property box the media and individual captions are visible when creating a report the picture is only shown for one individual - the first one in the report (who happens to be the last one to whom the photo was linked).
What am I missing? Is there something in the Knowledge Base I can read?

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Re: Single Image Linked to 2 people in a report

Post by LornaCraig » 09 May 2019 21:14

If you have linked the picture to the Individual records, check that the report options are set to display enough pictures of the individual. (Click the Options button to the right of the report, then the Pictures tab, and increase the Max Pics number if necessary)

By the way pictures linked to an individual would normally be pictures of the person. Pictures of a church would normally be linked to a fact (e.g. a marriage) associated with the church, rather than direct to the Individual.

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Re: Single Image Linked to 2 people in a report

Post by tatewise » 09 May 2019 21:42

Hi Liz, I'm guessing you have gone off piste with "Getting the Most From Family Historian 6".
It usually uses the Family Historian Sample Project for its tutorials, but I suspect you are experimenting with your own Project, so the results may not be as described in the book.

The intricacies of Reports are covered later in Chapter 15. Reports and Narratives.

See also Knowledge Base > Publishing Reports and all the linked advice.

When reporting problems, please be more explicit with the commands you used, as it helps us narrow down the possibilities.
What commands and tabs were you using in the Property Box.
What commands / type of Report were you publishing.
In this scenario what other Media are associated with the two Individuals and did or did not appear in the Report along with the one you mentioned.
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