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Customising a Family Group Sheet

Posted: 14 Mar 2019 17:59
by cinnabar
This is the first time I have posted here, so please be gentle with me if I have missed something blindingly obvious . . .
I have produced a Family Group Sheet report, which includes nearly everything I want - except the details of the children's marriages. I can see the names of the spouses - just not when and where the marriages took place, which I would really like to have included. So I go to the Report Options dialogue, and I think I want to add 'Marriage' to the list of Family Member Events/Attributes. Which would do exactly what I want - only it won't let me! The list of Events that I can add in doesn't include Marriage - and it won't let me add it as a custom event, as it says the Event type already exists. At which point I seem to be stuck . . . is there some other way of doing this, and if so how?

Re: Customising a Family Group Sheet

Posted: 14 Mar 2019 18:48
by tatewise
You have explored the Options and correctly identified that Marriage or any other Family facts cannot be added to the chronological Facts of each Individual (Husband, Wife & Children).

The best you can do is add them to the Family Member Main Items.
But that will add them to the Husband & Wife as well as the Children.
They will also appear out of context before the individual facts.

You would need to Add Items with Expressions such as:
and repeat for index [2] and [3] et seq

You will probably want to hide the entry for Spouses to avoid duplication.

Alternatively. experiment with the Descendant Outline Report.
See Knowledge Base > Descendant Outline.

Re: Customising a Family Group Sheet

Posted: 14 Mar 2019 18:56
by cinnabar
Thank you very much for that explanation. I had tried to edit the Family Member Main Items, but composing Expressions such as you have indicated is way beyond my competence at the moment! I shall take up your suggestion and go and investigate the Descendant Outline report.

Re: Customising a Family Group Sheet

Posted: 14 Mar 2019 19:39
by tatewise
It is not so difficult as it first seems to compose basic Expressions.
Use the << Insert Data Ref button and the Data Reference Assistant just as you would in Queries and Diagram Text Schemes. etc.