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Up Down Arrows in Facts.

Posted: 14 Mar 2019 14:16
by tmwgray
Up Down Arrows in Facts.
Using FH V6.7

I have gone through the advice shown in the Knowledge Base regarding the above but the arrows remain greyed out. They work perfectly well moving media items up or down but do not work for facts. All the facts in both these individuals are in date order. A Death occurred in childbirth on the same day 28 Jul 1902. In the child’s sequence of facts it shows the birth of the child before the death of the mother, however in the mother’s sequence of facts it shows the death of the mother before the birth of the child. I am trying to reverse the sequence in the mother’s profile to be the same sequence as shown in the child’s profile (child born before mother died).
I changed the date of the mother’s death to the next day and it shows in the correct sequence (child born before mother died). When I changed the date back it again showed death before birth.
I have used the Re-Order tool many times before and have run it again on this record. When trying the advice to manually re-order facts, in the mother’s record I clicked on the all tab to use the curved up/down arrows, however the birth of the child does not show only her death. The all tab for the child’s record only shows his birth and not the mother’s death. So I cannot move something up or down that does not show. The up/down arrows shown when on the Facts tab do not work for any of the other facts shown on the same individuals records nor for Facts of several random individuals I tried it on. Presumable because they are all in date sequence.
I see in an earlier response from Jane (Site Admin) 30 Jan 2018 reference to having a Normal Time frame of “None” would allow moving a fact to any position. Would this solve my issue and if so how do I go about it?

Re: Up Down Arrows in Facts.

Posted: 14 Mar 2019 14:47
by Jane
When viewing the Fact tab you are seeing events from the timeline, so they are simply inserted after any events which are local (blue or red dot events) to the record you are viewing. So grey dotted events with the same day will appear after those for the current record. You can move local events using the arrows, but not timeline ones.

As Timeline events are not included in reports the sequence on the Fact tab it will not cause a problem. You can always simply turn them off if you don't want them to appear, by pressing the timeline button at the bottom.

Re: Up Down Arrows in Facts.

Posted: 14 Mar 2019 15:08
by tatewise
In case you are unsure about the types of facts shown see Knowledge Base > Property Box Dialogue: Individuals: Facts Tab.
Only facts within the current record appear on the All tab and can be moved up/down.

The same order scenario applies to Individual and Family facts, where the latter will always follow the former when they have the same Date.

I believe that if all four types of fact occur on the same Date then they are listed on the Facts tab in the order:
Individual Facts
Family Facts
Witness Facts
Timeline Facts

Re: Up Down Arrows in Facts.

Posted: 14 Mar 2019 15:14
by LornaCraig
The all tab for the child’s record only shows his birth and not the mother’s death

You can adjust the Timeline options to show the mother's death in the child's Property Box if you want to. On the Facts tab of the Property Box click the 'cog' icon at the right hand end of the toolbar and choose Timeline facts. Then click the option to show Parent's death. The mother's death will now show in the child's Facts tab. The events will appear in the right order there (child's birth before mother's death) because, as Jane says, a timeline event dated the same day as an event for the current record will be shown after the event for the current record. But the up/down arrows will still be greyed out because you cannot move timeline events.