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Duplicate Records Cause Problems in Diagram View

Posted: 11 Feb 2019 14:01
by RobertofLadywell
Having imported my tree from Family Tree Builder I find that I have accumulated a number of duplicates of the same fact for individuals that is playing havoc in Diagram View - see attached screen shot.

I have a large tree which has migrated from a number of web based versions where merging records has duplicated some facts. In FTB it was possible to select a preferred fact and only that appeared in diagrams and charts.

How do I delete the duplicate facts or set one as preferred so that then others don't show up, please?

Re: Duplicate Records Cause Problems in Diagram View

Posted: 11 Feb 2019 14:59
by Jane
Unfortunately, you did not attach a screenshot. See Knowledge Base > Posting Topics for advice on how to do that.

What you see on a diagram is controlled completely by the text scheme selected from the diagram options Text tab.

Most of which only show the first occurrence of a fact.

Mike (Tatewise) has recently released a plugin to help with reducing duplicate facts : Find Duplicate Facts.

Re: Duplicate Records Cause Problems in Diagram View

Posted: 11 Feb 2019 16:26
by tatewise
I suspect that when you used File > Merge/Compare File you did not pay enough attention to merging similar Facts.
When this sort of thing happens I am concerned you may not have merged the records on ALL the tabs.
So you may find there are duplicated Families, Sources, Media, etc, etc.

I hope this merging is not jeopardised by the broken links reported in Broken Media Links when Importing from My Heritage Family Tree Builder (16603).
It is not advisable to merge Projects/GEDCOM until they are clean FH Projects without UDF, etc.

Re: Duplicate Records Cause Problems in Diagram View

Posted: 11 Feb 2019 19:44
by RobertofLadywell
Apologies for the missing screen shot. Here it is....

Having looked through your replies and experimented further (using the Find Duplicate Facts Plugin) I have deleted some duplicate facts although the duplicate aka I don't seem to be able to deal with.

I have looked at the "text scheme selected from the diagram options Text tab" which is set to "Birth, Mar, death" but still is showing duplicates. I'm not sure which scheme I should select to display only the first iteration of a fact especially the name / aka.

In response to tatewise, I'm afraid my tree has been around Ancestry, Genes Reunited, My Heritage and others and also FTM and FTB over a number of years. Errors must have crept in as I started from scratch and I have gradually built up experience. I have just started with Family Historian so these errors are historic now. I had understood in the early days of adding / merging new data that the process automatically sorted these issues out but am older and wiser now!

Re: Duplicate Records Cause Problems in Diagram View

Posted: 11 Feb 2019 20:14
by tatewise
OK, your screenshot does not show any duplicated Facts (Events and Attributes) only duplicate Names.
BUT even many of those a.k.a. are not actually duplicates if you inspect closely, but are subtle variants in spelling.

If you have enough to make it worthwhile, a Plugin could be written to eliminate the IDENTICAL duplicates, but it would not be so easy to delete the ones that are just similar, as the rules would be unclear. I had considered including Names in my recent Plugin that you have just used, but decided is was not worthwhile. Then as fate would have it, a few days later your case comes along :lol:

FYI: The default Birth, Marr, Death text scheme only shows the first Birth and Death event, but does show multiple Baptism, Marriage & Burial events because they can happen more than once. It also shows all the Alternate Names as a.k.a.

Re: Duplicate Records Cause Problems in Diagram View

Posted: 11 Feb 2019 20:28
by RobertofLadywell
Trust me to come up with a new problem!

My screen shot doesn't show "duplicated Facts (Events and Attributes)" as I have cleared those in the area of my tree that is in the screen shot since my first post.

Is there a text scheme that doesn't show Alternate Names as a.k.a. in diagrams?

Where there are subtle variants of facts it would be useful if I could choose a text scheme that only includes one, the first placed version. If the Diagram doesn't do this it makes the depth of the row between generations so big as to make the chart unwieldy.

Re: Duplicate Records Cause Problems in Diagram View

Posted: 11 Feb 2019 21:04
by tatewise
How familiar are you with editing Text Schemes?
I will summarise, but if it does not make any sense then come back.

With a Diagram displayed, use Diagram > Options and select the Text tab, and Birth, Marr, Death scheme.
Click the Clone button to create a custom copy with appropriate Name and then click Edit for that one.
(This avoids corrupting the standard default text scheme.)

In the Edit Text Scheme dialogue in the right-hand Used Items pane...
  • Select Name (a.k.a.) item, and X Delete it below
  • Select Baptism item, click Edit below, and in Template change both [1+] looping index to [1]
  • Select Burial item and do the same.
Do not edit the Marriage item as multiple families are perfectly valid.
OK out and job done.

Re: Duplicate Records Cause Problems in Diagram View

Posted: 12 Feb 2019 13:13
by RobertofLadywell
It's a while since I've worked with databases at this level but your instructions are easy to follow so I have done this and it seems to work. Thank you.