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Saved Hourglass Charts - editing

Posted: 10 Feb 2019 01:06
by Patricia NZ
10 Feb 2019

I began with PAF on a tiny lap-top in 1989 to suit my travelling plans. My first PC, purchased in 1993 was soon loaded with PAF, but later I followed my friends' advice by changing to TMG.

Despite all of the things I liked about TMG, compiling large charts was a great disappointment. I disliked the appearance of the default settings and found them clumsy to alter.

Being introduced to Generations was the answer. I soon chose to GED-COM my data to Generations, solely for the purpose of producing charts in my preferred format. Simple to compile, super-easy for a reader to follow. With the two programmes, I had the best of both worlds.

Generations struck problems as operating systems advanced. My trusty original desk-top computer still works and I continued with charts on that, while keeping TMG on the new computers purchased over the years.

‘Family Historian’ attracted me greatly when TMG users were alerted to it. I have recently spent hours working through my well-presented hard-copy of ‘Getting the most from Family Historian 5’ and the Tutorials my computer-buddy helped me download, for we 6.2.7 users. My "12 generation saved hourglass chart", is almost the way I want it to be !

Question 1
I notice that the marriage detail sometimes appears in the husband's box, and in other entries, in the wife's box.
May I standardise my chart to always have marriage details in the husband's box ?

Question 2
I am used to being able to select and drag a whole generation up or down to save space. This has allowed me to get a ‘large’ chart just one A4 portrait page, deep. I don't mind how long it is.

I want to ‘set’ the top generation, then drag the whole of the 11 generations below, up to the twelfth, to close a gap there .

Then ‘set’ that, and select the 10th generation and those below, and drag up to close the gap as before.

Having customised my boxes to be a mixture of dimensions (according to the number of people in that generation) my current saved chart has lots of ‘wasted space’ between generatioions.

Thank you SO much, for reading this far !

Patricia NZ

Re: Saved Hourglass Charts - editing

Posted: 10 Feb 2019 10:30
by Jane
Question 1 - By Default the marriage appears in the "Spouse box" the reason for this is if you have someone marrying twice the marriages for the two spouses are show in their boxes. If you want you could change the text scheme to show the marriage in the males box, but you would need to take special care where men are married more than once.

Question 2 - Have you experimented with the Box move tool, which is opened from the diagram icon bar, once active you can drag chunks of tree around? Depending on your diagram type if you are using an All relatives you might want to make sure you are using the "flat" version.

Re: Saved Hourglass Charts - editing

Posted: 10 Feb 2019 11:18
by tatewise
Also on the Diagram > Options > Dimensions tab you can adjust the minimum spacing between boxes in various ways.

If you could attach a screenshot of where you want to save space it might make things clearer.
See Knowledge Base > Posting Topics.

Also there are ways to adjust the Scale of a Diagram so it fits an A4 page.

Have you tried Diagram > Save Diagram As > PDF File (.pdf) with the default fit onto single page option?
See Knowledge Base > Single Page PDF of a Diagram.
Then it should be possible to print that on one A4 sheet, if that is your objective.

Re: Saved Hourglass Charts - editing

Posted: 10 Feb 2019 19:33
by Patricia NZ
Many Thanks for the swift reply. I have never joined a Forum of any sort before and this was the very first question I have ever asked, so it's quite a Red-Letter-Day for me. I shall happily beaver away with all the suggestions when time permits.