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Family Partnership Diagram Text Scheme

Posted: 07 Feb 2019 18:26
by davidf
2nd Marriage & 2 Relationship (16590) says:
Edit the Marriage item in two areas.
Set the Template to:
The looping [1+] index is what yields Marriage events for multiple Family as Spouse entries.
Under Box Type set all eight options to any.
If these don't produce exactly what you need then come back for more advice as there are further customisations possible.

The above is encouraging me to have another bout with the relationships templates!

I use a comprehensive text scheme as my major working tool so like to show a lot of information.

I keep spouses in separate boxes and for each person want to show details of their relationships. So in an individual diagram box I want to show:

Name details
Birth/Baptism/Christening details
Marriage & Relationship Details
Death / Burial details

Under Marriage & Relationship Details I want to show:

1. Heading: "Marriages & Relationships": Then for each relationship:
2. Indent: Name of partner (+1) & Type of Relationship
3. Double Indent: Engagement with that partner: Date from (& -to if broken off)
4. Double Indent: Marriage with that partner: Date, Place (if there was a ceremony)
Or recognised start date of relationship (if no ceremony)
5. Double Indent: Separation with that partner: Date, (Place of order if judicial)
6. Double Indent: Divorce from that partner: Date, Place of Order
7. Double Indent: Date Widowed/Widowered

I realise that 4 does not handle people being an unmarried couple for a number of years before marrying - unless I set up two "marriages" - one to cover the period they were unmarried and the second to cover the marriage

1 is the easiest: =TextIf(Exists(%INDI.FAMS>%),"Marriages & Relationships","") - or is that overcomplicating it?
2 is not reliably working: with: =ItemIf(%INDI.SEX% = "Male",%INDI.FAMS[1+]>WIFE>%,%INDI.FAMS[1+]>HUSB>%) (%INDI.FAMS[1+]>_STAT%)
Because 2 is not reliably working (not always showing all relationships) the rest won't necessarily work, plus I am tying myself up in knots for circumstances when I know they were married but don't known dates or place
3-7 Are Grouped with previous line
4: =ExistsText(%INDI.FAMS[1+]>_STAT%,TextIf(%INDI.FAMS[1+]>_STAT% = "Never married","From:",TextIf(%INDI.FAMS[1+]>_STAT% = "Unmarried Couple","From:",TextIf(%INDI.FAMS[1+]>_STAT% = "Unknown","From:","Marr:")))) =NotExistsText(%INDI.FAMS[1+]>_STAT%,"Married") =TextIf(Exists(%INDI.FAMS[1+]>MARR.DATE%),,"Date Unknown") %INDI.FAMS[1+]>MARR.DATE:COMPACT% in %INDI.FAMS[1+]>MARR.PLAC:TIDY%
The screen shot below shows what I am attempting (and failing to get)
Screenshot from 2019-02-07 18-20-16.png
Current state of my attempts!
Screenshot from 2019-02-07 18-20-16.png (57.36 KiB) Viewed 993 times
Someone must have wanted to do something like this before!

Re: Family Partnership Diagram Text Scheme

Posted: 07 Feb 2019 19:52
by tatewise
I have started a new thread because the topics are rather different and I need time to get my head round what you are doing and what you have achieved.

Re: Family Partnership Diagram Text Scheme

Posted: 07 Feb 2019 21:17
by tatewise
Can you go into more details about what you believe is not working, because it all looks quite good to me.

1. Marriages & Relationships heading Template changed to cope with FAMS but no Spouse (such as John JNR):
=TextIf(Exists(%INDI.~SPOU>%),"Marriages & Relationships","")

4. Marriage details Template changed to avoid extra indentation:
Removed the space just before the =NotExistsText(...) function.

5. Separation details Template is %INDI.FAMS[1+]>EVEN-SEPARATION% (from Extended Set of Facts)

6. Divorce details Template is %INDI.FAMS[1+]>DIV%

7. Widowed details Template is Spouse %INDI.~SPOU[1+]>DEAT% but probably needs refinement.

Re: Family Partnership Diagram Text Scheme

Posted: 08 Feb 2019 20:56
by davidf
Thanks for your suggestions which I have incorporated (as well as tidying up things like text cases)

In respect of "the problem", I attach an "everyone digram" based on the same Gedcom, but without changing any facts. Careful viewing shows that there appears to be an indexing problem.
Screenshot from 2019-02-08 20-22-06.png
Screenshot from 2019-02-08 20-22-06.png (57.4 KiB) Viewed 913 times
(I have overlapped duplicate boxes - Mary & Jane)

Look in particular at John and Mary's relationship details and whether their partner's relationships are consistent. John and Mary's divorce (the only divorce in the Gedcom) has "polluted" the other relationships.

The indexing doesn't seem to be working as I expected it to (i.e. not following the grouping). I have not changed any of the facts - it would appear to be a function of having the other partners on the diagram.

Re: Family Partnership Diagram Text Scheme

Posted: 08 Feb 2019 21:02
by davidf
Ah, no sooner posted that I find an indexing error in my Divorce Template!

Re: Family Partnership Diagram Text Scheme

Posted: 08 Feb 2019 22:42
by tatewise
Yes, I was about to suggest you double check that the [1+] looping index is used consistently throughout.
When facing these problems it is always a good idea to post the Templates involved &/or screenshots of the settings &/or attach the Text Scheme file, so we can review all the incriminating evidence. :D

Re: Family Partnership Diagram Text Scheme

Posted: 10 Feb 2019 11:59
by davidf

Trying to apply apply the attached text scheme (found the way to export it!) to a more well known family tree (extract only!)
Screenshot from 2019-02-10 11-44-07.png
Screenshot from 2019-02-10 11-44-07.png (63.88 KiB) Viewed 829 times
I find there are still problems! (Which I think are the ones I struggled with when I last gave this issue a chew).
1) Catherine of Aragon's first marriage (to Henry VIII's elder brother Arthur), shows, but her subsequent union with Henry VIII only shows in Henry VIII box not Catherine's
2) Only two of Henry VIII's unions show in Henry's box. Note however that if the status of Ann Boleyn's marriage is changed to "divorced", Jane Seymour's name (but not marriage details) then shows in Henry's box!
(The divorce fact is independent of the marriage status of divorce. That the file does not have a complete set of facts and statuses - a not unusual situation! - should not impact on the showing of relationships that are in the Gedcom)
With Text Schemes and Templates I am never quite sure whether I am struggling with my understanding or whether I am dealing with an "undocumented feature" of FH (aka anomaly) !

Re: Family Partnership Diagram Text Scheme

Posted: 10 Feb 2019 12:51
by tatewise
Yes, that is a bit confusing, because the looping [1+] index appears to be inhibited when there is no Marriage Status.
It seems that in the Spouse item, the =IfItem(...) function hides the FAMS[1+] index, and only the one with the _STAT is effective. So when there is no successive _STAT the looping stops.

However, in this case there is a workaround by using the ~SPOU[1+]> shortcut whose index is visible :-

with: %INDI.~SPOU[1+]>% (%INDI.FAMS[1+]>_STAT%)

I should have realised that is a better data reference as we used it in the Relationship Heading item to solve a problem.

Re: Family Partnership Diagram Text Scheme

Posted: 10 Feb 2019 14:10
by davidf
Ah, yes that looks far healthier!

And I think I understand the explanation!
Screenshot from 2019-02-10 14-08-35.png
Screenshot from 2019-02-10 14-08-35.png (121.63 KiB) Viewed 814 times
Now bend my mind to the widowed/widower information:
Original thoughts:
Either introduce a final line for each marriage that did not end in divorce (or separation?) as defined by the status?
Either show "widowed/widowered [Date]" or "Survived" (exact wording needs care to make clear who survived)
Or on the partner line after the Status add for those formally married "widowed/widowered" or "Survived"

Now thinking (variation on the second option above):
For marriages (status "Unknown" or "<default>")
Add after the Spouse Name either:
"Died [Date]" if the spouse died first, [Date] being the Spouse's date of death or "unknown"; or:
"Surviving spouse [Date]" if the spouse was the survivor the [Date] being the principal's death


Re: Family Partnership Diagram Text Scheme

Posted: 10 Feb 2019 14:31
by tatewise
There is still one scenario where the Spouse item loop ends prematurely.
That is when there is a FAMS entry with only Children and NO Spouse.
The only workaround I have found so far is to add a Status such as Unknown and then the looping continues.

This thread illustrates how important it is to trial all combinations of data relevant to the customisation.

Regarding the widow scenarios...
The final line option needs to test for Separated and Divorced events and Divorced status.
Remember to use the Sex(...) function if you need to choose between Widow and Widower.
However, Widowed is easier as it applies to both sexes. Not sure it is worth saying Survived.

There is no Status of <default> as that option just deletes the field.

I'll let you investigate the details, but the following seems to work quite well:

=TextIf( Exists(%INDI.FAMS[1+]>DIV%)
or (%INDI.FAMS[1+]>_STAT% = "Divorced")
or Not(Exists(%INDI.DEAT.DATE%))
or Not(Exists(%INDI.~SPOU[1+]>DEAT.DATE%))
Text("Widowed: " . Text(%INDI.~SPOU[1+]>DEAT.DATE%) )

Re: Family Partnership Diagram Text Scheme

Posted: 10 Feb 2019 16:58
by davidf
Thanks that seems to do the trick. I will experiment a bit with the original experimental file to see if I can create exceptional situations such as you suggested in your previous post.

Re: Family Partnership Diagram Text Scheme

Posted: 10 Feb 2019 18:28
by tatewise
FYI: There are several mistakes in that Henry VIII experimental GEDCOM.
Catherine of Aragon was Divorced in May 1533 (not 1553 which would be after her death).
Anne Boleyn should not say Divorced as she was executed (c.f. Catherine Howard).
Catherine Howard should say Married btw 1540 and 1541 (not frm 1540 to 1541).

Re: Family Partnership Diagram Text Scheme

Posted: 10 Feb 2019 19:29
by davidf
The consequences of picking up a Gedcom as a complex FT to work on (all events are likely to be present)!

But it raises some interesting issues
1) I had picked up the Catherine of Aragon divorce date error.
2) In respect of Catherine Howard: "Marriage" in Gedcom terms is an "Event" rather than a type of union. The "From - To" in this case would seem to refer to the (correct) length of the union (from 28 July 1540 to 13 February 1542 - although stripped of her title of Queen Consort 23 November 1541); a "Btw-and" would imply an estimate of a range in which the (initiating) event took place. I guess that FH should query the use of the "From-To" form in the Marriage date field (only query because some people have marriage events that extend over a number of days!).
3) I was taught, "Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived", but looking at Wikipedia - which in this case seems well referenced, it would seem arguable that
CoA - Annulled
AB - Annulled by Cramer 5 days before her execution
JS - died
AoC - Annulled (unconsummated)
CH - Beheaded (never actually divorced or annulled)
CP - Survived
FH (and Gedcom) don't seem to allow "Annulled" as a status - I suppose technically it is "Unmarried couple". There is an Annulled fact (but unlike the divorce fact) does not allow a "cause". I am tempted to record annulments as divorces where the cause is "annulled" - as it marks the end of the relationship and you can't have both (unlike separation which can proceed divorce - even judicial separations).

Using this sort of FT allows experimentation with trying to show lines of succession. So far I am entering titles (such as King) with predecessor and successor as witnesses and using box conditions to outline Kings and Queens (Regnant)

Re: Family Partnership Diagram Text Scheme

Posted: 10 Feb 2019 20:41
by tatewise
In GEDCOM terms, the Marriage Event (just like any Event) takes place at a particular time.
It would usually be one Date, but if unsure about which date, a Date Range can be used (Before / After / Between).
Yes, I suppose if the ceremony went on for days you might choose to use a Date Period, but even then the actual point at which Marriage is declared would be much shorter and the rest would be preliminaries and celebrations like an extended wedding breakfast and reception.
It is quite strange to treat it as the duration of the Marriage.
That would be better represented by a Married Attribute that (just like any Attribute) lasts a period of time.

In GEDCOM terms, absolutely every Fact can have a Cause.
FH for many Facts chooses to hide the Cause box.
But it can still be added via the All tab by right-clicking the Fact and selecting Add Cause.
It can be accessed using the CAUS tag in the usual way for any Fact.

BTW: Annulment must be added to the cases in the Widowed item =TextIf(...) function.