*2nd Marriage & 2 Relationship

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2nd Marriage & 2 Relationship

Post by KarenMG » 07 Feb 2019 14:15

I have 2 requests for displaying information in tree view.

Where someone has married more than once, I would like to display both marriage dates on their tile ( I have got it to work for single marriages appearing on both spouses, but I don't know the code to write to have an additional marriage - for example IF marriage 2 etc etc etc

This also ties in with my 2nd query as its also displaying 2 if 2 exist.
For example my uncle is also my mums ex-husband. Currently he only has 1 relationship on his tile (as I again don't know the IF code to show 2 if 2 exist) and he is set as my mothers ex-husband, rather than my uncle (I would have thought blood relationship would have took precedence), I also have other examples in my tree. How can I write a rule that says if there is more than 1 to display more than 1? ideally in importance first order?

I used to have both of these things in my old tree, before my computer issues etc (that I have now learnt from and have downloaded the plugin to save my settings, not just my information - I am spending half my time re-creating things I used to have)

Thank you.

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Re: 2nd Marriage & 2 Relationship

Post by tatewise » 07 Feb 2019 15:14

I will assume you only need summary advice as you know the basic concepts.
To solve both challenges you need to Edit the Text Scheme so work in a custom Clone copy so as not to upset the defaults.

Edit the Marriage item in two areas.
Set the Template to:
The looping [1+] index is what yields Marriage events for multiple Family as Spouse entries.
Under Box Type set all eight options to any.

You probably already have the default Relationship to File Root item with a Template such as:
Rel: =Relationship(FileRoot(),%INDI%,TEXT,1)
To get more distant relationships use Clone Line on that item and change its Template to such as:
and =Relationship(FileRoot(),%INDI%,TEXT,2) which produces nothing if no 2nd relationship exists.
It is the last 2 that requires the 2nd closest relationship.

If these don't produce exactly what you need then come back for more advice as there are further customisations possible.
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Re: 2nd Marriage & 2 Relationship

Post by KarenMG » 07 Feb 2019 15:23

Thanks Mike, as always with your advice, problem solved.

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