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Keeping preferences and plugins in sync

Posted: 11 Jan 2019 13:39
by gsward
I have been keeping my project files nicely in sync on Google Drive for some long time which is useful when swapping from desktop to laptop. It works flawlessly unless I shut my laptop cover and forget to close FH properly then open a new session on the desktop a day or two later. Nothing is usually lost as when I pick things up again on the other machine I can see what has happened as Google Drive saves a "conflicted copy" of the project file, so I can sort things out.

What I have not been able to do is to keep the settings and plugins in sync between the two machines apart from periodically using the backup and restore plugin to try and work out what has changed. Does anyone have a solution to this question?



Re: Keeping preferences and plugins in sync

Posted: 11 Jan 2019 15:03
by tatewise
Keeping customised settings (including installed Plugins) synchronised across two PC needs special techniques.
This is because most customisations are completely separate from the Project folders & files.

Using the Backup & Restore FH Settings Plugin is one recommended method.
You should not need to work out what has changed, as the Plugin normally does not overwrite later changes with earlier ones.
So if you accept the defaults, it should result in the latest changes being retained, whether existing or restored from other PC.
If you are in the habit of customising on either PC, then after having migrated settings from one PC to the other, reverse the process to migrate later changes back to the first PC.

Another method is explained in Knowledge Base > Utility ~ Google Drive using either Knowledge Base > Utility ~ Link Shell Extension or Knowledge Base > Utility ~ Windows Directory Junctions.
Those techniques effectively duplicate the C:\ProgramData\Calico Pie\Family Historian\ set of folders in the Google Drive folder and thus get automatically synchronised.
However, that does NOT cope with the settings in the Windows Registry (e.g. standard Diagram Options) nor the few other folders that may hold customisations, although they could be treated the same way.

Re: Keeping preferences and plugins in sync

Posted: 11 Jan 2019 15:33
by gsward
Thanks, Mike. I was right to be cautious.