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harmonizing TMG9 tag types with FH6 fact types

Posted: 04 Jan 2019 02:55
by dlitzer
I'm wrestling with dealing with TMG9 tags that are now FH6 facts. I was hopeful that relabeling my TMG/FH fact types as FH Standard Fact Set Fact Types--globally, even--would be a straightforward process. However, I don't see any way to do this other than delete every one of my 22,000 imported facts and rekey them as FH facts, even with fact types like Education where TMG and FH fact type entries with the same name are sitting side-by-side in my Fact Type list...and in that particular case, since the FH Education fact type is an Attribute fact type, and when I created a Custom fact type from my TMG Education tags, I was not permitted to select "attribute." I like to keep my database lean and simple--Is there any way to relabel fact types instead of having to create functionally identical custom sets? It appears I can't even merge the two "Anecdote' fact types that carried over from TMG. I'd appreciate knowing that I'm not missing something big and obvious before considering a next step.

Re: harmonizing TMG9 tag types with FH6 fact types

Posted: 04 Jan 2019 09:19
by johnmorrisoniom
Easiest way is to use the "Change any Fact Tag" Plugin. You still have to do each fact type individually (Ie education to Education) but it will do most of the legwork for you.
It is a very powerful plugin, so it may be worth experimenting with the sample project first.
Also remember that you can undo plugin changes if done before closing FH.

Re: harmonizing TMG9 tag types with FH6 fact types

Posted: 04 Jan 2019 11:11
by tatewise
John is correct that the Change Any Fact Tag Plugin should resolve your issues, but do practice on the Family Historian Sample Project first, and consult the Plugin built-in Help & Advice to understand how it works.

I am a bit confused about some of your comments.

For example, TMG has an existing standard Tag Type Definition for Education that exports with the GEDCOM standard EDUC tag and would then match exactly the FH standard Education attribute fact. So I don't understand why you needed to create a custom Education fact in TMG. Paying attention to such details will aid the export via GEDCOM to other products. One solution to this type of problem would have been to change your TMG Tag Type Definition for your custom Education such that it exported using the EDUC tag and that would 'merge' it with the standard Education fact, but I suspect it is too late for that.

What is the subtle difference between your two Anecdote fact types?
There is an existing TMG Anecdote definition, and presumably you have added your own custom Anecdote tag, then used those two inconsistently?

Re: harmonizing TMG9 tag types with FH6 fact types

Posted: 04 Jan 2019 13:35
by dlitzer
John, thanks for the plugin suggestion. I will give that a try. Mike, you're right that understanding the tag coordination a little better during the migration would've helped, but you're also correct that that's water under the bridge. That phenomenon occurred with several tags, actually: Burial, Education, Emigration, Occupation, Religion, Residence, and Will. However, when I made a Custom fact type from my Undefined Education fact type, only one fact with that type was found--so hopefully what needs to be corrected are few in number. Thanks for getting me going! Don

Re: harmonizing TMG9 tag types with FH6 fact types

Posted: 06 Jan 2019 15:18
by dlitzer
Hi Mike: I think I've figured out the Tag/Fact issues. The reason that some of my TMG tags for which FH analogues exist (e.g., Education, Residence) didn't migrate is that the TMG Tags have multiple principals (you could do that in TMG) and the FH analogues are Individual Fact Types. The major conversion in this category is Residence, where I have 1021 Tags with two principals. I'm thinking that making the second TMG principal in each Tag an FH Witness is the solution, but haven't yet field-tested to see what the most efficient way of doing that would be, in FH or with your plugin.

Interesting that among FH's Standard Tags there are several categories not covered, for which I guess the best option is to create Custom Tags, which I've tentatively named: 1) Legal Real Estate (Event/Individual, for deeds, mortgages, U.S. Homestead Act paperwork, etc.), 2) Legal Violations (Event/Individual, for violations of the law and incarceration), 3) Military (Event/Individual, for national service and resultant pension and other benefit documentation), 4) Health (Attribute/Individual, for physical health conditions, illness and hospitalization, and 5) Biography (Attribute/Individual, for other notes not specifically attached to a fact--I know that you can create Individual Notes, but I don't like that you can only see the first one in the Main Tab of the Property Box. Analagous to TMG I guess, I'd like to be alerted to the presence of my general Biography notes by having them under a Biography Fact in the Facts Tab.

So, I've got about 2900 tags/facts to fiddle with, including about 1200 where I need to make a second principal into a witness. I'd welcome any comments you have as to how to proceed, but otherwise, thanks again for your help! Don

Re: harmonizing TMG9 tag types with FH6 fact types

Posted: 06 Jan 2019 16:29
by tatewise
Before you do anything, please check that what you observe in FH matches what is said in Knowledge Base > Import TMG Project under the Import Guide for tags with multiple Principal Persons.
Are you seeing Family facts for Residence and Education where the two Principals were partners? Maybe UDF?
Otherwise, they should be standard Individual facts with multiple Fact Witnesses just as they were in TMG.

There are Plugins to help with untangling those scenarios to produce multiple Individual facts if you choose to do that.

To understand the pros & cons of multiple facts linked by a common Source Citation versus a single fact with multiple Fact Witnesses take a look at Knowledge Base > Recording from a Census Record but mentally substitute say Residence in place of Census and ignore all the very specifically Census related points.

Can we postpone discussion of new custom facts until these existing issues are resolved.
However, at first glance you ideas seem reasonable, but consider how they will look in Reports, etc, with the names you've chosen.

Re: harmonizing TMG9 tag types with FH6 fact types

Posted: 06 Jan 2019 17:15
by dewilkinson
I migrated from TMG about 28 months ago and made extensive use of "Change any Fact Tag", I ended up only having to manually 'redo'' a small number facts. The key of course is to take regular back ups during the process in case it goes horribly wrong. I have no regrets switching to FH, whilst it doesn't have few things TMG had, it has much more.

Best of luck.

Re: harmonizing TMG9 tag types with FH6 fact types

Posted: 06 Jan 2019 19:35
by dlitzer
Thanks for the suggestions and support. Will do some research. Don

Re: harmonizing TMG9 tag types with FH6 fact types

Posted: 07 Jan 2019 04:01
by dlitzer
Hi Mike, I looked at the Knowledge Base. Doesn't look like my import did what it was supposed to for tags with multiple non-parent principals. For Burial (3), Education (1), Emigration (1), Occupation (16), Religion (15), Residence (1021) and Will (1) tags/facts with multiple non-parent principals (in every instance the multiple principals were married), they showed up in the Fact Type list as Family Fact Types (with red dots) identified in the Fact Set column as "undefined." I created Custom Fact Types from these undefined fact types, relabeling them as "xxxx TMG" to distinguish them when I exported my list of all facts into a csv/Excel file. I've attached a screenshot showing how my FH database is presently handling a representative entry with a "Residence TMG" Family tag. As you can see, it recognizes the second person as a spouse...a spouse who is NOT a witness, as the import was supposed to made him/her.

I also took a look at your Change Any Fact Plugin. That'll work for the Fact Types I just need to rename, but it doesn't look like it'll change Family facts to Individual facts.

On the other hand, how much of a problem would having a bunch of Family Facts in these otherwise Individual Fact Type categories be? Will it screw up my GEDCOM? Hmmmm.

Re: harmonizing TMG9 tag types with FH6 fact types

Posted: 07 Jan 2019 09:51
by tatewise
You have misunderstood some key points.
You talk about multiple non-parent principals, but then go on to describe parent principals that were married.

In Knowledge Base > Import TMG Project it says:
"Every Tag with 2 Principal Persons as parents becomes a Family Fact (Event/Attribute)"
This refers to 2 Principal Persons who are a family couple/partnership and usually parents of some children.
(Maybe it could be worded better?)

So for such TMG tags, FH has created a single Family Fact in the Family record for the family couple.
They are the same as Family Facts such as Marriage and Divorce and identified by the red bullet.
Although they appear in the Facts tab of the Individual Property Box they are NOT Individual Facts.
So there is no Fact Witness involved, because the Family Fact applies to both spouses/partners (just like Marriage).
See Knowledge Base > Property Box Dialogue: Individuals: Facts Tab for a fuller explanation.

There is a Migrate Census Family to Individual Events Plugin that could be easily adapted to migrate your TMG Family Facts to Individual Facts but that may not be what you want to do. Instead you may want the Fact to migrate to the Husband and have the Wife as a Fact Witness.

Finally, do you have any cases of the facts you mention that have migrated to one Individual fact with Fact Witnesses similar to TMG. This applies where the Fact Witnesses are NOT linked by a Family record.

Re: harmonizing TMG9 tag types with FH6 fact types

Posted: 07 Jan 2019 17:17
by dlitzer
Thanks, Mike--we're getting closer. You're right in that the Import TMG Project wording of "2 principal persons AS PARENTS" is pretty awful. It should read something else. Thanks for straightening me out there.

Yeah, your Migrate Census Family to Individual Events (MCFIE) plugin is pretty slick. I installed it, and it immediately fixed 13 Census Family Facts as advertised.

As for how deal with my TMG-created Family Facts: while either solution would be fine, I'd prefer the second option you presented, i.e., for each Fact to migrate to the Husband and have the Wife as a Fact Witness. If there's a way to get that done on a mass basis, I appreciate you helping me with that. If there isn't, tweaking your MCFIE plugin would be great.

Finally, I have not found any cases of Individual facts with Fact Witnesses in my database. This is not surprising, since I used TMG's Witness function sparingly--so much so that I rid my TMG database of them before I imported it to FH.

Thanks again for your patience. Your guidance is helping me become increasingly familiar with FH. Don

Re: harmonizing TMG9 tag types with FH6 fact types

Posted: 07 Jan 2019 18:17
by tatewise
There is no easy way to manually adjust your TMG-created Family Facts en-mass.
Let me see if I can tweak the Plugin.
Can I assume they all end in TMG?

Re: harmonizing TMG9 tag types with FH6 fact types

Posted: 07 Jan 2019 18:34
by dlitzer
Okay, let's go with the plugin tweak. Yes, all of the target facts are in Fact Types that have "TMG" at the end of their label. Thanks! Don

Re: harmonizing TMG9 tag types with FH6 fact types

Posted: 08 Jan 2019 01:02
by tatewise
Can you please confirm the fact Name assigned to each of your Family TMG custom facts.
In Tools > Fact Types select each Family TMG custom fact in turn and click Edit... button.
In each Fact Definition is the Name field a 4 letter uppercase tag that matches first 4 characters of the Label?
Are there any others?

Re: harmonizing TMG9 tag types with FH6 fact types

Posted: 08 Jan 2019 02:47
by dlitzer
The Fact Types that need to be converted from Family to Individual+Witness are listed in the attached screenshot.

You've identified the seven Fact Types with exact FH analogues. The other eight Fact Types do not have an exact FH analogue. The "Immigratn" tag is almost one, but not exactly so. The remaining seven tags in the list below (labeled in the format "xxxxxx Red TMG") will be either incorporated into Standard tags, e.g., "Address Red TMG" into "Residence," or become permanent Custom tags, e.g., "Health Red TMG" into "Health" once converted.

I checked to see whether the Fact Definitions showed GEDCOM tags like BURI, etc., but they don't. They display as shown in the attached screenshot. I hope this doesn't throw a spanner in the works. Thank you for going the extra mile here, and let me know if I need to work on this further at my end.

Re: harmonizing TMG9 tag types with FH6 fact types

Posted: 08 Jan 2019 12:05
by tatewise
I've worked on the assumption that all those TMG facts will be custom Family Facts (Events/Attributes).
So the Plugin does not need to check for the label ending in TMG.
You screenshot confirms that they are all Custom Family Events.

Currently the Plugin does not assign a Role to each Wife Witness.
You can add those afterwards, and in many cases will need Tools > Fact Types editing anyway.

Before running the Plugin make sure you have a backup of at least the GEDCOM file.
e.g. File > Backup/Restore > Small Backup

The Plugin checks each Custom TMG Event against a standard Individual Event and uses that if possible.
Otherwise it creates a Custom Individual Event similar to the Custom Family Event Name (not the Label).
A Result Set listing the Spouses, each New Fact and the Family record is produced at the end.

Each Custom Individual Event will be undefined in Tools > Fact Types so will need an Edit just as you did originally for your imported TMG Family Events, or use Change Any Fact Tag Plugin to change facts such as Address into Residence.

After running the Plugin, if not all OK, then use Edit > Undo Plugin Updates immediately, or you will have to rely on backups.

Re: harmonizing TMG9 tag types with FH6 fact types

Posted: 09 Jan 2019 03:01
by dlitzer
Mike, the plugin worked great! Only the "Note Red TMG" tags didn't show up, and I just entered those 6 tags manually from my TMG project. Thank you for all of your help! Have a great day!!!! Don

Re: harmonizing TMG9 tag types with FH6 fact types

Posted: 09 Jan 2019 10:49
by tatewise
I'm glad that worked mostly correctly.
Sorry about the Note Red TMG, I overlooked its conflict with the valid but non-fact NOTE tag.