*Advise re transfer to new PC

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Advise re transfer to new PC

Postby celiaskelton » 03 Jan 2019 15:46

I have a new PC without a disc drive. On my old PC I use v5 which I purchased on a disc. Can I download v5 on the new PC and if so do I pay for this, or if I opt to download v6 what will this cost? Thanks for any advice. Celia

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Re: Advise re transfer to new PC

Postby Jane » 03 Jan 2019 16:08

Probably the easiest way is to purchase a V5-V6 upgrade as a download as this can be installed on the new PC and you can enter your V5 and V6 codes.

Alternately copy the contents of your V5 CD to a USB stick and install the V5 program from that.

You can see the prices for any available version on the Family Historian Store page
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Re: Advise re transfer to new PC

Postby tatewise » 03 Jan 2019 16:10

Welcome to the FHUG Celia.
Yours is a common problem and there is Knowledge Base advice to help you.
You can stick with your existing FH V5 or upgrade to FH V6 via https://store.family-historian.co.uk/ which will cost £24.99 but will be well worth it.
You only need one FH Licence to run it on two PC that you own, see Knowledge Base > Licence Agreement.

Firstly, checkout the Knowledge Base > Family Historian Installation Advice.
Then review the Knowledge Base > Family Historian Installation Details and scroll down to section on "If you only have an Installation CD, but your new PC is a Netbook/Laptop with no CD drive...

To perform the full migration from old PC to new PC see the Knowledge Base > Family Historian V5 & V6 Migration Guide.
If anything is not clear then please ask again.

If you use Ancestral Sources then don't forget to migrate that too.
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