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Tentative FH data

Posted: 05 Dec 2018 12:55
by peterbel
Is there a best/recommended way of recording individuals in FH, who are not confirmed relatives? This has come up for me when trying to go back into the 1700's.
I wanted to record the information that I had come across but I couldn't be certain the individuals were relatives until I did further research and perhaps found confirmation via another source.

Re: Tentative FH data

Posted: 05 Dec 2018 13:40
by tatewise
This is a recurring topic that has been discussed many times.

See Knowledge Base > Recording Credibility of Family Relationships that offers various recording techniques, and lists over a dozen Forum threads on the subject that discuss them in more detail.

Re: Tentative FH data

Posted: 05 Dec 2018 16:11
by peterbel
Thanks Mike, I will have a read and see what suits my data.

Re: Tentative FH data

Posted: 08 Dec 2018 07:30
by trevorrix
A short answer is that I use the IN PROGRESS flag that I have set to display a heavy dotted box for the person concerned in diagrams together with a "men at work" icon. Simple and effective.