* query to find records Created before a nominated date

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query to find records Created before a nominated date

Post by Darryl-W » 09 Oct 2018 00:29

Can someone guide me to write a query to sort records that I have not updated since - say 01/01/2018 or some other particular date.
in the natural form - I can sort on "update" but then I have to scroll down through many records to locate the series that have not been updated since I imported the GEDCOM when I installed FH.

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Re: query to find records Created before a nominated date

Post by tatewise » 09 Oct 2018 09:16

I assume you are mainly focussed on the Individuals tab of the Records Window but the same techniques work in the other tabs.

The simplest solution is to hold down the Alt key when you click on the Updated column header to perform a reverse sort, so the earliest records are listed at the top. This technique works for any column in many FH contexts.

You can even configure the Updated column so it sorts in Ascending Date order by default, so you don't need to remember to hold down the Alt key.

If you feel you do need a Query then the Rows tab filter is:
Condition: Add if
Expression: =LastUpdated()
Operator: is less than
Tick Parameter on the right and set Label: to Date
Then when the Query is run it will prompt for a Date that will accept any valid FH format Date.
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