*Correcting Relationship to Root

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Correcting Relationship to Root

Postby waltonnz » 18 Jun 2018 23:32

I sent an email to the mailing list concerning this and then remembered it doesn't work any more - am I correct?
I have a problem with an incorrect relationship. My grandmother's sister died so my grandparents brought up her child, Margaret Hurst. When I first entered Margaret Hurst on my database, I entered my grandparents as her parents and then added her real parents. So, when I created an ancestor chart for Margaret I got the incorrect ancestors and her relationship to me was described as Aunt. To try to correct this, I have placed the correct parents above the foster parents in the All tab of the Property box and placed an f for foster beside the relationship to my grandparents. The ancestor chart for Margaret is now correct. However, the relationship to me remains as Aunt when it should be 1st cousin once removed. I have tried unlinking Margaret from her foster parents, and then I see the correct relationship to me, but when I relink the foster parents it goes back to Aunt. Is there some way I can update the relationship to correct it?

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Re: Correcting Relationship to Root

Postby tatewise » 19 Jun 2018 09:07

The Knowledge Base > FHU Mailing List is now working again, and I have replied there as follows:-

Yes, I recognise the problem.
The explanation is that FH uses the closest relationship, but ignores the child Relationship to Parents such as foster and adopted and step.
There are some places where it is possible to show the 2nd closest relationship, such as in Diagram Text Schemes and Records Window Columns.

Typically the expression used within Relationship to Root items is Relationship(FileRoot(),%INDI%,TEXT,1) or simply Relationship(FileRoot()).

To show the 2nd relationship where there is one, substitute the following expression:
Beware that this may disrupt genuine 1st v 2nd relationships where for example cousins marry.

However, the relationship shown in the Focus Window cannot be customised.

I suggest you report the problem to Calico Pie using the Knowledge Base > Problem Reporting technique and state that a child Relationship to Parents such as adopted, foster & step should inhibit that direct Parent-Child relationship.
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