*ALL relatives and associated people

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ALL relatives and associated people

Postby Pollowick » 13 Jun 2018 09:43

I am trying to build a diagram that shows ALL relatives and associated people connected with my wife's parents. If I base it around my wife, I can get all relatives (I believe) and most of that is fine.

I have access to a high quality photo printer that will produce an image up to around 900mm high and maybe 10m long so overall size is not an issue for what we need to print out.

However, my in-laws have 4 surviving children all of whom have married and the desire is to have a diagram that includes the parents, siblings and nieces/nephews of the spouses - details of all are in the data base.

I can use the <Insert into Diagram> <All Relatives Tree> and move it to a suitable location, but that duplicates the four couples and their children

Is there a way to have an ALL INDIVIDUALS diagram with a sensible layout? The EVERYONE diagram does not achieve it - there are too many duplications.

Any suggestions welcome.

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Re: ALL relatives and associated people

Postby Jane » 13 Jun 2018 10:53

Don't forget you can hide boxes on the extra trees, add lines to join them in and turn off the duplicate curved lines. Then save as a chart so you can come back to it later.

Have you tried centring the diagram on your wife's parents as a couple does that help?
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Re: ALL relatives and associated people

Postby tatewise » 13 Jun 2018 10:55

It is unlikely that you will be able to include everyone you want in a single tree.
See Wish List Ref 501 Entire Pool Diagram that you can Vote for.

You will need to use Diagram > Insert into Diagram > All Relatives Tree perhaps several times to insert all required sub-trees.
Then use the Expansion buttons &/or Hide option to eliminate all but one duplicated Individual per sub-tree.
(Experiment doing that in the sub-tree or the original main tree to see which gives the best result.)
Drag that one duplicated Individual of each sub-tree so their box overlaps the main tree duplicated box.
Use the Diagram > Order & Grouping options to move trees forward or backward as necessary.
Use the Diagram > Options > General tab to untick Check for duplicates to hide the coloured ribbons.
You may need to use the Movement Control Box to adjust the trees so boxes do not overlap each other.

Save the resulting complex diagram as a Family Historian Chart otherwise you will have to start from scratch next time.
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