*Kinsfolk Census Queries - Question

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Kinsfolk Census Queries - Question

Postby bonalymac » 12 Jun 2018 08:20

I've just discovered the Kinsfolk Census Queries. I didn't spot them before as they weren't listed with the other census queries.

These two appear to be very very close to what I want. but I have 2 questions.

Firstly, I'm trying to understand why a number of records appear in the "Census Done Report".

Kinsfolk 1.jpg
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I've highlighted 3 records here which (to my mind) should not be in this report. The first one, Isabella Shaw, is noted as "Died before 23 Jan 1885". I'm assuming that it is because she has no DoB, (The Census To Do listing includes only those who have an actual DoB shown). However the Census Done listing does (correctly on known info, although this may of course later be proved to be incorrect when I get actual dates for her) show blanks for those earlier censuses. So on currently known info, she should not really appear in the "Done" report, and should really be in the "To-Do" listing. I cannot see any other data in her record that would confuse this issue.

I assume that the others are there for the same reasons

Secondly, I would like to include "Country" of birth if possible. I have already added "Birth Place (Full)" from the Events Fields. I note that there is a "Country " field in the Address Event section, but I have no entries there as I thought Country should be in "Place", not "Address". Am I doing this wrong? If not is there an easy way to display Country so I can sort all the missing Censuses by Country.

Many thanks

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Re: Kinsfolk Census Queries - Question

Postby tatewise » 12 Jun 2018 12:49

Did you try the Knowledge Base > Downloads and Links ~ Census Records category that lists all the Census related Queries together?

Those Kinsfolk Census Queries were written (by me) 8 years ago, well before Plugins were available, and to some extent illustrate the deficiencies of Queries in dealing with these rather complex conditional scenarios.

It might be better named UK Census May Be Done Report, as it is cautious where Birth/Death Dates are not well defined.
So, in the case of Isabella Shaw with no Birth Date who Died before 23 Jan 1885, if she was born after 3 Apr 1881 or died before 6 Jun 1841, both of which are feasible, or was in another country between 1841 & 1881, then no UK Census records are missing for her. You are left to make that value judgement.

Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by the "Country " field in the Address Event section?

However, adding a Country column is more complex than I think you realise.
Have you thought about people who migrate from country to country - England to Ireland to USA to Canada, etc?
Which Country is appropriate when they may be in a different Country for each Census?
So =TextPart(%INDI.CENS[1].PLAC%,3) will give the 3rd part of the Place field of the 1st Census Event.
(That is based on your apparently rigid 3 part Place field format as shown in your screenshot.)
But what if there is no Census Event?
What if it has no Place field?
What if the 2nd or 3rd Census Event has a different Place Country?
In addition to all that, if you want to check Census details for another country, then all the Census Dates in the Query will be different, because it only covers UK Census dates.

So I suggest you investigate the Lookup Missing Census Facts Plugin, which uses much more refined Birth & Death dates (even when none are actually recorded), and takes Country into account based on many Facts (especially Birth & Emigration & Immigration).
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Re: Kinsfolk Census Queries - Question

Postby bonalymac » 12 Jun 2018 16:40

Thanks. That's my last post. I'll leave the group now

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