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Citation Flag

Postby Dandyswalker » 12 Jun 2018 07:32

Is there a flag available to show whether data entered into FH is "conjecture", i.e. someone's possibly inaccurate memory, or "verified" using some citation source?

The background is that I have about 300 people (and rising!) in my database, and I only have BMD information for about half a dozen of them. I'd like to be able to see at a glance whether the information for any particular field is heresay or is verifiably correct.

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Re: Citation Flag

Postby tatewise » 12 Jun 2018 10:09

Since you are talking about a Citation Flag, I assume each of your Facts has a Source Citation to identify where you gleaned the information. If so, then what you request is the purpose of the Assessment field (Unreliable, Questionable, Secondary, Primary), and further qualified by a Note in the Citation or the Source record itself. If you use consistent wording in each Note then they can easily be located via a Query.

[EDIT: I suggest that in the case of memory or hearsay, you add a Source Citation to identify whose memory or hearsay the Fact was gleaned from. This is an area that users often overlook in their haste to add details, and then in the future cannot recall where those details came from. See the Family Historian Sample Project that has several Verbal Interview sources.]

If you don't have a Source Citation on every Fact then there are various Note fields you could use.
Firstly, there is the Note field local to each Fact.
Secondly, there is the Source Note that can appear in the yellow Sources For/Citation pane.
It must be added on the All tab via right-click on Fact and Add Source > Add Source Note to this Record.

BTW: We have not advised before that as a newcomer you should study Knowledge Base > Key Features for Newcomers and all its links to other Knowledge Base pages. In particular, Sources Methods 1 & 2 and its link to Knowledge Base > Information recorded within a citation is relevant to this discussion.
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Re: Citation Flag

Postby LornaCraig » 12 Jun 2018 12:00

... to show whether data entered into FH is "conjecture", i.e. someone's possibly inaccurate memory, or "verified" using some citation source?

From the way you have worded the question it sounds as if you don't have a source citation at all in cases of conjecture/memory. If that is the case, and you just want to know if a source citation exists, see this topic Facts not resourced (16000) where there are references to some queries you can use.

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