*Still struggling with help

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Still struggling with help

Postby E Wilcock » 14 Apr 2018 07:54

I am under strict instructions before posting a question, to consult the Help.
I have a question about the use of Custom facts and their display in (non narrative) reports.

I searched the knowledge base using custom facts as a search term and got this which looked interesting.

"Family Historian Version 6.2.6: 22 Hits
ls get Principal Sentences). * Previously when custom Family facts are displayed in the Facts tab of the Property Box, the name of the other pa... imply accept the defaults, or you can opt to use ‘Custom Options’. All custom options are explained in the Help (just press the Help button). * A date specifie... nt, with the specified role (can be overridden in custom options). * FH makes a distinction which TMG "

But when I click on that I get, as so often a bewildering long contents list and have no idea where to click next.

Could some one please post somewhere a list of instructions A, B, C, on what successive actions to take to find the exact help one actually needs? And, no, I dont have the software open to click on the little thumbnail wheel.
I will make a separate thread about custom facts.

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Re: Still struggling with help

Postby mjashby » 14 Apr 2018 10:08

The search function is just behaving like any WIKI Page type search function and is picking out all references to the individual words used in your search term, which is not the result you want/need.

It would probably be easier for someone to answer/advise on what is possible and where to find any guidance available if you narrowed down the question to:

What type of (non-narative) Report are you wanting to produce; and what you wish to do about including/excluding any custom facts?

It would then be easier to identify/point you to whether there is anything in FH Help or the FHUG Knowledge Base provides any guidance.

Please remember the content of the Knowledge Base is constantly evolving and is wholly dependent on contributions from FHUG Members, so doesn't (can't) cover everything in detail.


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Re: Still struggling with help

Postby tatewise » 14 Apr 2018 11:57

Hi Evelyn. I know this is a recurring problem and there is an initiative underway to hopefully improve matters.

The first step is to remember there are three primary sources of advice:
  1. Family Historian program Help > Family Historian Help command with Contents, Index & Search tabs
  2. The reference book Getting the Most From Family Historian
  3. The FHUG Knowledge Base with its Search box, plus new Home page Search tool, and a new Knowledge Base > Knowledge Base Index under development
When using Search boxes with multi-word topics enclose them in string quotes, e.g. "Custom Fact"
This is a standard international search technique supported by Google, Yahoo, etc, etc, as well as FHUG & FH.

You were looking for advice on Custom Facts in Reports.
Did it occur to you that Custom Facts are handled no differently to Standard Facts in Reports?
Anyway the Custom Facts search was unfruitful so change focus and search for the Report type.
e.g. Individual Summary Report
See how that works.

The new Knowledge Base > Knowledge Base Index is under development and if you can suggest topics that need to be added then they will appear in due course and hopefully will work like a traditional technical book index to locate what is required.
Mike Tate ~ researching the Tate and Scott family history ~ tatewise ancestry

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