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Re: Record Id

Post by goodwin2 » 31 May 2017 06:40

Hi Mike,

First off: this will be my last post re this topic. Some of it may be a repeat --

Again my thanks for your input regarding my Record ID questions. I did contact Calico Pie and got this response: "When you import from other gedcoms, sometimes the record ID's are renumbered, So there is no reason why the numbers would be the same, also if you have ever merged records or merged in files you may have gained a number from there."

That was already understood.

The file that I imported from FTM to FH had 21,431 individuals. As I indicated, the Record IDs from FTM were apparently generated in FTM as they were added. Makes sense. And the same is true in FH, new folks, new numbers. And those numbers from FTM were carried over to FH as "custom IDs". Both NO. 20 and NO 21 were in the file that I imported. Again, if Record IDs "in most cases" assigned by FH to those from the imported file were at least somewhere near the number in the original FTM file, then I still think that assigning those small numbers DOES NOT FOLLOW THE PATTERN.

End of story - end of comments.

So again my thanks for your patience. Lots of FH users have gained from all your help. And we [that is I] hope not to be a pest and to be as clear as possible with our questions.

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