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FH V6 on Mac using Crossover

Post by IreneMo » 04 Oct 2015 18:24


I've been using FH for a few years on a PC and have now went on to a MacBook Air a few days ago. I'm not very PC literate, don't use plug-ins (yet!) but by following the very useful notes on the V6 on Mac with Crossover I have managed to get FH installed and working on the Mac. Good so far.

However, I got confused on the location of the files, under Program Configuration

All the Family Historian and Ancestral Sources settings below should specify a similar path, usually to the My Documents folder, and all the named folders and files must actually exist. It is advisable to create the folders using Crossover or Wine rather than within FH or AS.

FH File > Project Window > Location
FH Tools > Preferences > Startup > Default Startup File
FH Tools > Preferences > Backup > Default Backup Folder

I'm not sure I understand this. I presume I cannot follow the above 3 actually in FH package and if not how do I do this within Crossover. Apologies, this must seem so simple but I'm new to all this.

All I have the files for 3 projects in FH on a usb from my PC. Where exactly should I load these to see these on opening up FH. Normally I would put them the the FH Project Files but I can't see this on the mac as to where the sample project even is stored.



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Re: FH V6 on Mac using Crossover

Post by tatewise » 04 Oct 2015 20:17

Welcome to the FHUG, Irene.

Perhaps the wording of that section you quote needs improving. If you are using the standard FH and AS settings, then you may not need to do anything, as the folders have probably been automatically created. The advice about creating such folders only really applies if non-standard folders are required, or the automatic creation failed. There is no problem using the commands mentioned.

Since FH is installed and working, what is shown by the following commands?
  • File > Project Window in the Location: field - it should be My Documents\Family Historian Projects
  • If Family Historian Sample Project is not listed, then use More Tasks > Samples > Reset Sample Project
  • Tools > Preferences > Startup as the Default Startup File
  • Tools > Preferences > Backup as the Default Backup Folder
I presume you usually keep your Projects in My Documents\Family Historian Projects.

In Knowledge Base > Family Historian V6 & Ancestral Sources V5 on Crossover & Wine under Plugin Configuration it explains how to open the Family Historian V6 bottle and its C:drive in Finder, which is the equivalent of Windows/File Explorer on the PC. Finder should allow you navigate to C:\Users\...\Documents\Family Historian Projects and copy your USB files into that folder, similar to the PC.

Do you also need to transfer your Preferences and Customisations of Diagrams, Fact Types, Reports, Queries, Record Window Columns, etc, etc?

Do you also intend to install AS?
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