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Version 3 in Window8

Posted: 13 Sep 2013 14:05
by sstoneman
I have a new computer that is running Windows 8. I have transferred my files but I have lost the columns that listed "spouses" and "relation to root". Please can you advise what actions to take to bring these two columns back.

I have also lost the help feature.

Regards, Sue

Re: Version 3 in Window8

Posted: 13 Sep 2013 14:15
by tatewise
To fix the Help problem see how_to:reinstall_family_historian#v2_v3_help_pages_refuse_to_display|: V3 Help Pages Refuse to Display.

To fix the Columns problem see how_to:move_settings#record_window_columns|: Record Window Columns.

These are parts of larger articles in the how_to:index#installation_guide|: Installation Guide, which you should look through as there may be other advice that might be relevant.