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Replacement for the FHU Mailing List

Post by Jane » 29 Jan 2020 11:55

As many of you will know RootsWeb are discontinuing the mailing lists including the FHU one. This has always been maintained and administered by Calico Pie, the Authors of Family Historian and they have made the decision to move the list to Groups.io.

This list is completely separate to the Family Historian Users group, but of course many people are members of both of these useful free services.

Below is the post from Simon Orde which was sent the the mailing list.
As you may already know, RootsWeb (the people who host this mailing list)
have announced that they will be discontinuing all mailing lists from March
2nd. Although this list has been a little quiet recently, it is
well-subscribed and we believe that it offers something of value which
should continue. Also, as again you may already know, Family Historian 7 is
coming soon, and from past experience, there is ordinarily an increase in
posts from users when a new version is released; so we wanted to be sure
that we have a good replacement in place, in time for that. And we have
found one.

The replacement for the mailing list is a 'group' (that's what they call
them) that we have created, at Groups.io. The new group is called 'Family
Historian', and we would like to invite you all to become members of it -
preferably right now! Groups are very similar to mailing lists. Members
receive all emails sent to the group and can post messages to the group.
But there are numerous ways in which groups are superior to the old mailing
lists. For one thing, you easily browse posts online in a web-browser, with
convenient layout, filtering and search options.

To become a member of the new group, please go to
https://groups.io/g/family-historian and click the "Join This Group" button
(or the "login if you are already a member" button if applicable).

When you have a Groups.io account, you will be able to subscribe not just to
the Family Historian group, but to any of their other groups that interest
you. Some other genealogy mailing lists are also moving to Groups.io.

We will shortly be sending out direct invitations to you all by email, to
join the 'Family Historian' group at Groups.io. Please ignore these if you
have already joined, or if you don't want to.

As an incentive to move to the group, I will shortly be posting some updates
there on the progress of Family Historian 7. Hope to see you there!

Best wishes

Simon Orde
Calico Pie
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Re: Replacement for the FHU Mailing List

Post by jimlad68 » 29 Jan 2020 14:14

I've always found having 2 groups confusing, especially when this site is far easier to use than the cumbersome and now "very long in the tooth" Rootsweb (no pun intended).

But then again it is probably wise to have 2 options in case one fails, and I suppose Calico and FH users each need something independant.

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Re: Replacement for the FHU Mailing List

Post by tatewise » 29 Jan 2020 16:33

There is also the Family Historian Users Group Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1526085884384502

The Knowledge Base ~ 'FHU Mailing List' page explains the changeover from Rootsweb to Groups.io and will eventually provide 'Joining and Leaving the List' instructions in place of the Rootsweb ones.

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