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by Wahull1052
17 Apr 2017 01:56
Forum: Ancestral Sources
Topic: Ancestral Sources v5.2 Font Size
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Ancestral Sources v5.2 Font Size

Downloaded this, and in general it looks a useful resource, thank you. One problem though is that it has taken a while to realise that users can change the Font Type/Size in the Customisation Tool. I find the need for customisation of layout features essential. It would be helpful if you would inclu...
by Wahull1052
15 Sep 2016 00:54
Forum: General Usage
Topic: Calendar Calculator
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Calendar Calculator

It would be helpful if FH was able to check the day of the week on which a certain date fell; also the ability to calculate the elapsed time between two dates. These features were previously available in The Master Genealogist, but that software has been discontinued.