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by Peter May
09 Oct 2019 13:37
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Topic: Updating FH on my laptop
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Updating FH on my laptop

I am a very basic user (pensioner) so I'm not too familiar with technical jargon. I have FH (6.2.7) on my desktop and laptop computers. I can create updated backup files [and copy to my laptop] but find with the laptop, that in order to load the latest, updated copy, I have to make two shortcuts dra...
by Peter May
27 Sep 2017 16:24
Forum: General Usage
Topic: Project Window ~ migrating Projects
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Project Window ~ migrating Projects

I have a full Family Historian project back-up file in my Windows File Explorer location and have copied this to the 'documents' file on my laptop where I have FH v.6.2 also installed. When I load FH on the laptop I get the Project Window but when I browse to put my back-up file in the window in ord...