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by celia98
10 Jan 2019 16:52
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Topic: DNA link - show on diagram
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DNA link - show on diagram

apologies if this has been asked or is somewhere I should have looked first! I have family that I share DNA with. Is it possible to record this fact? Then is it possible for this fact to show up on diagrams? I would like to be able to see at a glance which branches I have 'proved' links to. bearing ...
by celia98
07 May 2018 20:15
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Topic: all relatives chart - stretch a generation widthways
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all relatives chart - stretch a generation widthways

I've created an all relatives chart for a couple which I want to print on to a 24" wide roll of paper (have access to printer at work) problem is that the height of the different generation strips vary. some are higher with members of the same generation offset above one another. I would like to str...
by celia98
28 Jun 2017 20:23
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Topic: spouses added in error
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spouses added in error

help please - I've added a spouse twice in error to 2 separate individuals. in both cases I've tried removing all the data/deleting without success. in both cases I've been trying to show 2nd marriage and get children attached to correct parents. so I now have male with same wife twice (so lots of l...
by celia98
04 Jun 2009 20:48
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Topic: died on diagrams
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died on diagrams

some living relatives have 'died:' on diagram but no date (obviously!) but others do not. how can i ensure that all living people do not have this showing on diagrams please?