Create Website Wizard / Make CD Wizard - Step 7

This step is concerned with presentation. Your website or CD will look much better if you have a logo and a header line at the top of each page, to give the site or CD a strong identity. You can use the default logo if you wish (a tree) or you own custom logo.

Logo The default logo is a picture of a tree. You can use any picture of your own as a logo if you wish. As usual the .jpg (.jpeg), .gif, or .png formats are recommended. You are recommended to use a small picture - about one inch, or 96 pixels, high.
Header Text Header text is optional. If supplied, it will appear at the top of each page.
Colours Click on this button to change colours.

Tip: Most presentation details are set in Report options. The report options for the Primary Page Type (set in step 3) are used as the default settings. So, for example, to change the font type or size for the caption to the picture on the home page, click on Options… next to the Primary PageType setting in Step 3 and edit the Caption font in the Format tab.

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