Re-order Out-of-Sequence Data Dialog

By default, Family Historian will keep spouses, children, events/attributes and LDS ordinances, in date order. But you are not forced to use date order and you can override this.

If you have a file which contains spouses, children, events/attributes and/or LDS ordinances which are not in date order, you can use this dialog to re-order them all in date order.

If you only want a particular type of item to be re-ordered, you can uncheck other items in the Items to Check list.

If Prompt For Confirmation Before Each Update is checked, Family Historian will display each record before doing any updates, and show you which type of fields need to be re-ordered (that is spouse, children, events/attributes, LDS ordinances, or any combination of all of these). You can then decide whether to let Family Historian reorder the record or to skip that record and continue to the next.

If Prompt For Confirmation Before Each Update is unchecked, Family Historian will automatically re-order all the fields for you. A progress dialog will however be displayed showing progress, and giving you the opportunity to cancel, if you wish to do so.

If you wish it to do so, Family Historian will keep a list of records that have been updated.

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