Property Dialog: Main Tab (for Multimedia)

This tab displays the most important items of information relating to a Multimedia object. Multimedia objects are typically pictures, videos, sounds, documents, or OLE Objects. But you can treat any external file as a Multimedia object if you wish to and create a Multimedia record to represent it.

Multimedia Objects can be either embedded in the Family Historian file, or linked to it (as indicated in the Storage field). In general, you are recommended always to link to Multimedia Objects, as embedding Multimedia Objects can adversely affect the performance of Family Historian when loading or saving. You are recommended to provide a Title for all multimedia objects. If possible you should also provide a Date - this is the date at which the object was created.

Multimedia Object records are created when you use any of the following menu commands on the Insert menu:

For most purposes, it is not necessary or useful to view a Multimedia Object record in the Property Dialog. If you wish to add links from a Multimedia Object to other records, you should do this when viewing the Multimedia Object in the Multimedia Window (select the Multimedia Object and click the View Multimedia button on the main application toolbar). If you wish to view the multimedia associated with another record, you can do this (in Large Mode) by looking at that record's Objects tab, in the Property Dialog.

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