Property Dialog: Detail Tab

The Detail Tab allows more details of the current Individual record to be viewed or edited. The fields all relate to the Individual whose record is currently being displayed in the Property Dialog.

The Birth and Death fields are also shown on the Main tab of the Property Dialog. They are shown here again so that it is quick and easy to enter details of Birth, Baptism, Christening, Death and Burial, all in one place. However, all of these event details can also be viewed, entered and edited on the Events Tab - together with other events. Also more details relating to all events can be supplied on the Events tab than can be entered here.

Some other fields of note are:

Custom Id Users who like to have their own identifiers for individuals, can use this Custom Id field to associate an Individual with their identifier.
Name Prefix Examples of a name prefix are Dr, Sir, Colonel.
Name Suffix An example of a name suffix is Jr., as in Steve Woods Jr.
Name Used This is the given name that the person used. You only need to specify the given name that a person uses if it is not the first name. For example, if Jean Clare Anderson is known as "Jean Clare" you should set this field to "Jean Clare". If she was known as "Clare", you should set it to "Clare". If she was known as "Jean", you should leave it blank.
Title Do not confuse this field with Name Prefix. The Title field should be used to specify a complete title, such as Lord Dittington, or Queen Elizabeth II.
Grp/Caste An individual's rank or status in society, based on racial or religious differences, or differences in wealth, inherited rank, profession, occupation, etc. e.g. 'Landed Gentry', 'Aristocrat', 'Working Class', 'Career Soldier', 'Self-made man', etc.
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