Preferences Dialog: Estimates Tab

Some of the settings on this page are used for validation on data entry. They are all also used for estimating dates of birth and death. For example, if you wish, if you select "Life Dates (Est.)" as an item to be displayed in the Records Window, for Individuals, Family Historian will display its estimate of the earliest date at which each person might have been born (if this information is not recorded) and the latest date at which the person might have died (again if this information is not recorded).

The values specified here do not have to be strictly accurate. It does not matter if you specify, for example, that the maximum lifespan is 100 years and it turns out that someone in your file lived over 100 years. The values just have to be good enough approximations for purposes of estimation.

Other Fields

Estimate Future Death Dates By default, Family Historian will return no value if its estimated death date is set in the future. However, if you wish it to estimate future death dates, tick this box.
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