How to Record Same Sex Relationships

The spouse fields in Family records do a double duty of recording both husband-wife relationships and parent-child relationships. Consequently you cannot simply record same-sex relationships in the same way that you record opposite-sex relationships. However, they can be recorded. To do this, locate either of the two people in the Records Window and right-click on their record. In the dropdown menu that appears, choose Add Miscellaneous > Add Associated Person, and then choose the appropriate option to link the 2 individuals. This only creates an association however. It does not specify what the nature of the association is. The 'Associated Person' field is further qualified by 2 subfields, 'Type' and 'Relationship'. Use either of these 2 fields to enter text describing the nature of the relationship.

If when you view the Associated Person field there is no Type or Relationship subfield qualifying it (if there is an expansion button to the left of the row you may need to click on this to expand the branch, to check what subfields there are), right-click on the text 'Associated Person' and choose Add Type or Add Relationship from the dropdown menu that appears.

You will need to do all of this twice - once for each of the Individuals involved (creating an association from A to B does not automatically create an association back from B to A).

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